Facts about Nepal Agriculture with importance of agriculture in Nepal

Agriculture in Nepal statistics, problems to write essay on agriculture in Nepal

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Facts about Nepal Agriculture with importance of agriculture in Nepal

All about Agriculture in Nepal
Nepal is an agriculture-based country. Most of the Nepalese people depend on agriculture for their daily needs. Agriculture provides crops, fruits, vegetables, and other necessary items for people of Nepal. Facts about Nepal Agriculture with importance of agriculture in NepalCottage industry in Nepal also depends on agriculture because it produces the raw material.
Importance of Agriculture in Nepal
Agriculture gives the raw material for various industries in Nepal. Agricultural products are important for business because many traders are dependent on trade of agricultural products only.
It is possible to increase the growth of crops in large quantity by using good seeds, manure, irrigation, and equipment.
Nepal agriculture is extremely important in Nepal. Nepal Agriculture is the backbone of the economy of the country. Read advantages & importance of agriculture in Nepal in points.

Types of Agriculture in Nepal

There are 3 types of agriculture in Nepal by nature.
Food Crops: These crops are used for food. Rice, wheat, maize, millet, and some other crops are food crops. Wheat and rice farming in Nepal is done in the plain regions, in the river banks because wet and hot land is suitable for growing the rice and wheat crops. Farmers grow maize and millet in the dry land of hilly regions which is suitable for these crops.

Cash Crops: The crops that farmers grow for sale to earn cash are known as cash crops Nepal. Tea, coffee, tobacco, sugarcane, jute, and some other crops are cash crops. Farmers grow sugarcane and tobacco in the plain areas. Farmers grow tea in the slopes of hills that receive rainfalls. Farmers also grow tea in plain areas by giving suitable conditions for growth of plant.

Mixed Crops: When farmers plant more than one crop at the same place and same time, then these crops are known as mixed crops. For example, in the paddy fields, farmers also plant lentils side by side.

Contribution of agriculture in gdp of Nepal
According to the data found in Wikipedia about Nepal agriculture “Agriculture remains Nepal’s principal economic activity, employing about 65% of the population and providing 31.7% of GDP.”

Problems for farming in Nepal
Agriculture in Nepal is based on subsistence farming, particularly in the hilly areas where farmers earn their living by cultivating fragmented plots of land while facing challenging problems.Facts about Nepal Agriculture with importance of agriculture in Nepal

#Use of traditional methods
#Problem of irrigation
#Problem of market
#Problem of transportation
#Not enough land for commercial production
#Lack of manpower to work in field
#weak economic condition
#Lack of education of farming

If you wants to be a farmer you have to play with problems of agriculture in Nepal to find their solutions in Nepal by your own. There are not any institute and organization to teach agriculture for real farmers in Nepal to make qualified.

Is Nepal really an agricultural country?
This question raise in between young generation and they are always confusing on it. I also don’t understand why is Nepal called an agricultural country. Nearly 6 million youth working in abroad as a labor. All farm land going to be barren day by day due to the lack of workers in Nepal. We are depend on imported money “remittance from around the world”, and food items from India and China. Education system which I dig up in Nepal cannot recognize what it is?

There is huge scope of agriculture in Nepal but farming system in Nepal cannot address this issue. Because of the traditional farming, lack of modern technology, quality seeds, lack of fertilizer, problem an irrigation etc. People told that agriculture is the backbone of Nepalese economy but I don’t think so. I think remittance is the main. The role of agriculture in economic development of Nepal also the great.

An article about importance of Agriculture in Nepal introduce the statistics and problems of Agriculture in Nepal. It is useful for students to write an essay on Agriculture in Nepali too. If you have any more question and confusion about importance of agriculture in Nepal in points consult the farmers. Lets check what local grows Around Sherpa villages on the way to Everest base camp of Nepal in given pictures.