Facts about Holi festival of color with how to celebrate Holi in Nepal

Interesting holi festival information, story, history reasons of celebration in Nepal

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Facts about Holi festival of color with how to celebrate Holi in Nepal

Why is Holi called the Festival of Colour?
The calendar of Nepal is filled with festivals of all kinds. Be it the colorful festival of Holi where colors are thrown on people. Holi is a regarded to be a Hindu spring festival that is celebrated by the Hindus all over the world. It is also called popularly as the “festival of love” or ‘festival of colors”. This festival signifies victory over evil, the end of winter and the arrival of spring. This is also a special day for people to meet one relatives and friends, play & laugh, repair broken relationship and forgive & forget.

How holi festival is celebrated in Nepal

Holi festival is also celebrated as thanksgiving for having good harvest and lasts for about a day and night, beginning on full moon day (poornima) evening. According to traditional customs, it falls in Phalgun month in Vikram Samvat Hindu calendar, somewhere around February end and mid of March in Gregorian calendar. The very first evening of this festival is called Chhoti Holi or Holika Dahan, with the following day being Rangwali Holi, Phagwah, Dhulandi or Dhuleti. Holi in Nepal is celebrated with pomp and grandeur.

History of holi festival – Why is holi celebrated

Do you know what is the story behind holi, the festival of colors. Facts about Holi festival of color with how to celebrate Holi in NepalThis ancient Hindu festival is full of cultural rituals and is mentioned within the Dasakumara Charita, Puranas and even by Kalidasa, the great poet of Chadragupta II’s reign in the 4th century. Holi celebration is also mentioned in the ‘Ratnavali’, the popular seventh century Sanskrit drama. This festival also had impressed the British colonial staff and European traders by 17th century.

Several Oxford English Dictionary of the past editions can be found to have this festival mentioned in it, with phonetically derived spellings as Houly in 1687, Hooly in 1698, Huli in 1789, Hohlee in 1809, Hoolee in 1825 and Holi in those editions which got published after 1910.

How to celebrate holi in Nepal

Interesting holi festival information, story, history reasons of celebration in NepalIt is considered to be a nationwide festival in the country of Nepal, along with other major Hindu festivals like Teej,  Tihar (Dipawali) and Dashain. It is celebrated in the Phagun Nepali month having same date like that of the Indian holi. It signifies the legends and tales of Lord Krishna, the Hindu god.
Others along with the Newar Buddhists worship the shrine of Saraswati in Vajrayogini temples. In majority of the Nepali cities, traditional concerts are organized including Dharan, Hetauda, Pokhara, Narayangarh and Kathmandu. This event is broadcast on national television hosted by several celebrity guests.

Why is Holi celebrated and why is it called the festival of colour

People exchange colors and spray colored water throughout their neighborhood. Throwing water balloon, also called ‘lola’, is another such popular activity. Some people prefer to mix their food and drinks with bhang. It is a popular belief here that combining different colors will take off all their sorrows and make life much more colorful.
If you wants to travel Nepal for holi celebration read all Nepal travel advice & important tips what to know before traveling to Nepal to make enjoyable celebration of holi in Nepal. I am very happy when people throw the color to me while celebrating holi festival in Nepal.

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History of Holi festival with story & reasons behind Holi festival celebration in Nepal