Explore dolpo trek itinerary guide to go for Dolpo trekking in Nepal

Dolpo trekking route information with dolpo region trek map, permit and photos

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Explore dolpo trek itinerary guide to go for Dolpo trekking in Nepal

The purpose of this article is to make you clear about dolpo trek itinerary, route map require permits with fee to visit Dolpo trekking region in Nepal. This route lies in one of the most remote locations in Nepal. Dolpo treks can be challenging due to accessibility issues and the near non-existence of the tourism infrastructure. It is a demanding trek but it rewards the pursuers with a once in a lifetime views and insights into the local landscapes, culture, and architecture.

Trek to dolpo lower to upper route information
Dolpo trekking route is in the north western side of Nepal. It borders Tibet and the trekkers can experience the imprints of Tibetan culture during the trek. To start the trek, one has to reach Juphal in the Dolpo district. The trekkers need to fly from Kathmandu to Nepalgunj and then take another flight from there to Juphal.
Dolpo trek is on a restricted trekking site in Nepal and needs special permits for trekking. The trek offers unique and mesmerizing views of the natural beauty of Nepal. Trekkers can experience monasteries, high passes, wide variety of flora and fauna and the local culture which has influences of Tibetan culture. There are several walking trail to trekking in dolpo region Nepal some of them listed below for reference.

List of dolpo region trek in Nepal

01: Upper Dolpo trek
02: Lower Dolpo trek
03: Dolpo to Upper mustang trek
04: Rara lake trek
05: Limi valley trek

Dolpo trekking region trail difficulty level
Dolpo trek is considered as demanding and strenuous. There are steep ascents on the route and three passes over the altitude of 5000 meters. Several days need to be spent in high altitude and the trekkers need to be in good health and physically fit for undertaking the trek.
They need to start preparing for the trek few months before and start physical exercises to increase their stamina and strength. Previous trekking experience is required for this trek and the Dolpo trek is definitely not for the beginners.

Tips for dolpo trek in Nepal
The trekkers need to purchase permits for the Dolpo trekking route. Dolpo trek permits are expensive and enforced strictly. Only 250 foreigners are permitted to enter the Dolpo trek every year. It is also mandatory to hire a local guide for the trekking area. The trekkers should carry sufficient warm clothes to protect themselves from the cold weather.

Best time to trek in Dolpo Nepal
The best time to trek is during the spring months of April to May and during the autumn months of October to November. The weather is pleasant during monsoon months and the sky is clear with negligible chances of rain or snow.

Conclusion of Dolpo trekking in Nepal
Dolpo trekking route is difficult and lesser accessible remote and poor. The tea houses and other infrastructure are non-existent. However, it can offer memorable experiences for the trekkers. They experience changing landscape, remote Nepalese habitations, and the local culture and lifestyle. This is a trek for the experienced trekkers who want to take the road less traveled.

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