Exactly where is Mount Everest located in the world map, Nepal, Asia

Location of Mount Everest the highest peak of the world in Nepal, Asia

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Exactly where is Mount Everest located in the world map, Nepal, Asia

Do you know where is Mount Everest located in the world map? if not read this article from beginning to end. Mount Everest the highest peak of the world is the backbone of tourism industry of Nepal.
Where is Mount Everest located at?
It is exactly located at the border of two nations Nepal and China. GPS coordinates of Mount Everest is 27°59′17″N 86°55′31″E. Latitude of Everest is 27.986065 N & longitude is 86.922623 E. it makes you clear to know the exact location of Mount Everest in Asia.
Where is mount Everest and how high is it
The height of Mount Everest is 8848 meters / 29029 feet above sea level. It lies in the Mahalangur section of the great Himalayan range in Nepal, South Asia. The mountain was named after Sir George Everest, the surveyor general of British in India.

Two major routes for Everest base camp trek or Everest expedition popular between hiking and climbing enthusiast. They use either north route from china or south route from Nepal to fulfill the dream to eyewitness Mount Everest is a once in a lifetime feat. These days, most mountaineers and less-seasoned climbers use the southeast ridge route, because it is technically easier.
Among these two routes Nepal side track in Sagarmatha national park is most popular one. The Mount Everest is also known as Sagarmatha by Nepalese and Chomolungma by the Tibetans.

The first successful ascend over Mount Everest was made in the year 1953, though many attempts were made before that. Tenzing Norgay and Edmund Hillary made the first successful climb through the southeast route known as the standard route from Nepal. They achieved this feat on 29 May 1953. After that there are many summit and records made over Mt Everest each year.

Interesting fact about mount Everest for all including kids
Here are some of the Mount Everest facts you may want to know:

# Mount Everest is the Earth’s highest mountain. It stands 29,029 feet or 8,848 meters high above sea level.
# Tenzing Norgay and Edmund Hillary made the first successful summit of Mount Everest in 1953 and become to make the History as a first Everest achiever in the world.
# Mount Everest summit is directly located between Nepal and Tibet in Asia continent.
# Japanese Junko Tabei became the first woman ever to summit Mount Everest in 1975.
# The Mt Everest has two major climbing routes – the North ridge from Tibet and the southeast ridge from Nepal.
# Mount Everest known as Sagarmatha, Chomolungma, Peak XV, the third pole also.
# Base camp of Mount Everest located at an elevation 5360 meters above sea level
# After base camp there are 4 more advance base camp for Everest summit camp I.II. III. IV to summit
# Avalanches are the greatest cause of death for climbers scaling Everest and around 197 dead bodies of climbers on the mountain.
# More than 4275 people have reached the top of Mount Everest till to date.
List of Mount Everest death also very long about 297 people were died while trying to achieve summit of Everest.
# Mt Everest was created about 60 million years ago with the collision of tectonic plates.

Mount Everest trekking region is well known paradise for trekkers. Entrepreneur of tourism industry in Nepal earns lots of foreign currency by operating trekking and climbing in the Himalayas. Trek to Everest base camp is one of the most popular hiking trail & destination in the world. Adventure lover centralize here to fulfill the lifetime dream.
Many people from around the world still unknown about the exact location of Mount Everest in the planet. For this reason, questions such as where is Mount Everest located, and where is Mount Everest, are very common. I think this post helps you to know where is Mount Everest located in the world map and interesting facts about mount Everest for all.

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Let’s check Where is Mount Everest located on map of Nepal in Asia and world?