Do you need dedicated ip address hosting & benefits dedicated ip address

What are the benefits of dedicated IP addresses?

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Do you need dedicated ip address hosting & benefits dedicated ip address

The entire computer which has an active internet connection is assigned an IP address which is unique with the purpose of establishing communications. In case the domain name of your website cannot be accessed you can still have access to your website with the help of browsers and FTP. It is always better to use a dedicated IP address hosting over a shared IP address where your website is concerned as it will give more security to your website and protect it from spam’s.
How Does IP Addressing Work?
IP address is basically a numeric address of size 32 bit and consists of 4 numbers ranging from 0 – 255 separated by dots. One example of an IP address can be Here there are four numbers, each of them separated by a dot and fall in the range of 0 to 255.
There can be millions of such unique IP address available. However IP addresses can be broadly categorized into two types:

  • The dedicated IP address is also known as static IP meaning that websites have their very own IP addresses. If you wish to visit a certain website, you can either reach it by typing the URL or its IP address, and you will end up in that desired website.
  • Shared IP addresses, on the other hand,means that a multiple number of websites will be sharing one IP address. Depending on the domain that the user enters in his browser, the servers decide which website is wanted by the user. However if you type the shared IP address in your browser, you will end up with a generic page over the specific page that you are actually looking for.

What are the benefits of dedicated IP?
The requirement of dedicated IP gives rise to a few cases.
You can have your very own Private SSL certificate. This is because there are certain websites which deal with e-commerce and require SSL certificates so that they can accept online credit cards from the user.

Anonymous FTP software works better
If you want the anonymous FTP software to function properly you as the web host provider will require dedicated IP as it would let anyone who is making use of the FTP software to get access to some files which are present in a special directory within your site.
Now you are clear Do you need dedicated ip address hosting and what do you basically mean by a dedicated IP address.
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