Divorce consulting attorneys in Nepal with top 10 best divorce lawyer in Nepal

Need to know the Nepal law firm that provides top 10 best lawyer in Nepal

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Divorce consulting attorneys in Nepal with top 10 best divorce lawyer in Nepal

Divorce is a strenuous process and so there is a need to discuss the divorce process and its pros and cons. There is a need for family counseling to create some basic understanding. It also helps in bridging the gap between your spouse and you. The procedure of divorce extents for a year and in some cases of disputes it continues for years. The divorce process is distressing and it is possible to handle only if you have an experienced divorce lawyer in Nepal.

How is property divided upon divorce in Nepal
Divorce introduces the marriage dissolution and there are no bonds of matrimony between married couples. The divorce law considerably varies all around the world. the process requires the court to sanction a legal process involving different alimony issues, parenting time, child custody, property distribution, child visitation, child support and debt division. However, there is a need for a person seeking divorce to look for good attorneys in Nepal to sort this issue. To make all process easy we update the list of divorce consulting attorneys in Nepal as follow.

List of top 10 best divorce lawyer in Nepal

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In many countries, divorce permits a partner to marry another. This process of divorce needs a lawyer to help a wife or husband to do the divorce in a methodical system. There are many divorce lawyers in Nepal providing divorce services and some have good number of year’s experience. These qualified lawyers provide the service of divorce smoothly. There are different divorce processes for wife and husband and it appears that the divorce for a husband is tougher to a wife.

Divorce consulting attorneys in Nepal with top 10 bet divorce lawyer in Nepal

A wife gets a divorce easily from her husband at the court by applying for it directly. There is lawyer in Nepal in big numbers, yet husbands have to face serious difficulties if he wishes to divorce his wife. To begin with, he cannot apply directly for a divorce to the court. He needs to apply to the municipality or rural municipality for divorce. After proper investigation, and assessing the truth, the file is forwarded to the court. Only then, the judge approves the divorce or not is decided.

How to get divorce from wife in Nepal
Mainly Divorce rate increasing in Kathmandu, and other city area like Pokhara, Biratnagar, Dharan, Damak, Butwal, Nepalgunj rapidly. Total divorce rate in Nepal is 1.5% of total marriage. There are limited conditions for a husband to give his wife a divorce but really difficult process. Husband can divorce his wife in case his wife is away from him for a period of more than 3 years or more and is also found to be involved in acts that have overruled being her husband’s wife.

Conditions for a wife to give divorce
Wife has the right to divorce her husband in case her husband brings another wife and fails to take care for a period of 3 years or more. It is also found involved in acts taking his wife’s life. wife can appeal for divorce any time if there are conflict in family. There are so many lawyers in Kathmandu and free of legal advice in Nepal also varied. I think given information about divorce consulting attorneys in Nepal helps you to find the best divorce lawyer in Nepal.