Design & tips to learn how to make earthquake proof building in Nepal

Government approved design catalogue for earthquake resistant buildings in Nepal

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Design & tips to learn how to make earthquake proof building in Nepal

Nepalese people have suffered from recent earthquake. Thousands of people died, billion of properties were destroyed, and confusion took the centre state in Nepal in 2015 when the earthquake happened.
Even though earthquake is a natural happening, there are so many reasons why many Nepalese people died during the 2015 earthquake. One of the reasons is that most buildings in Nepal were not well built. So, it’s important that we all learn how to build earthquake proof buildings in Nepal to minimize or avoid possible deaths and destruction of properties in the event that another earthquake happens. There are some government approved design catalogue for earthquake resistant buildings in Nepal to make earthquake resistant houses on low cost.
You must be asking yourself how to make earthquake proof buildings in Nepal. Well, there are so many ways to do so. Here are some of the tips to make earthquake proof buildings.

How to make earthquake proof house in Nepal

#Tying the walls together
When putting up a new building, it’s very important that you bind the walls together. This makes them more resistant to earthquakes.
Buildings that are made of mud or stone can easily be made earthquake proof by simply tying the walls together using concrete elements or wood. The modern technology is used to tie the walls together using the locally available materials. According to the experts, tying the walls together can make buildings in Nepal around 80% safer. This technology is not expensive. In fact, it only adds about 5 percent to the general building cost.

Retrofitting simply refers to the addition of new features or technology to older buildings to make them earthquake proof and safer. It involves fitting the building with elements that make it earthquake proof.
Retrofitting is the extra cost of strengthening the buildings that have been standing for many years. Even though it might not be highly affordable for developing countries like Nepal, the method is still considered cost-effective especially for public buildings.

#Adding cement to mud motor
One of the most affordable and easiest ways to construct earthquake proof buildings is by adding cement. Masons can simply add cement to their typical mud motor to make their buildings structurally sound.

#Tying floors to walls
Tying floors to walls is another low-cost technology to give buildings an added structural integrity.

#Making lighter roofs
To make earthquake proof buildings in Nepal, make sure the roofs are the lightest part of the structure. Make the roof using light materials which can easily bend without breaking. This will help the building to make more shock absorbent.

These are the basic ideas to make a earthquake proof building. I think information helps the readers to make up mind how to make earthquake proof building in Nepal. Read many materials in online if you have internet access do not 100% depend on the Nepalese engineers they are okays not professional enough. If you have basic knowledge about earthquake proof structures they cannot cheat or neglect your task easily.

We Nepalese are in the earthquake zone, natural deserter happen any time. There are not any prediction system about earthquake in this way make earthquake proof building in Nepal only way to be safe. I think given tips for earthquake resistant house design in Nepal helps all to male low cost earthquake proof housing in Nepal.