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Data Conversion OCR Software

Data Conversion OCR SoftwareSometimes you have a lot of image files and you need to extract and maintain all of the data with accurate information. This technical process can be done by the professional software programs. Data conversion is a very laborious task if you are not using any software because retyping the whole content can take a plenty of time to execute. Moreover, if the data format is complex, it could lead to loss of information.

Convert JPG to Word

For this purpose, with unified to OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology, numerous software programs are developed. Many OCR software are able to recognize the printed, typed, handwritten or scanned text of the image file and convert it into machine-readable text format. Successful data conversion can be done smoothly by these software programs. However, to choose authentic software is a time-consuming task. So, if you do want to spend much time picking up the right one, you can grab the software JPG to Word Converter from Soft Solutions Company.

It can digitize the documents like:

• Payrolls
• Articles
• Legal papers
• Banking statements
• Contact information
• Invoices
• Tax forms and many more

The process of converting the files is quite easy:

1. To convert the file, you are required to download the software.
2. After downloading it, you need to install it.
3. Once the installation is completed, it will lead to you the software homepage. The interface of this software is easy to access.
4. Now, upload the file that you want to convert.
5. Select the output format “Word (Doc)”.
6. Choose the preferred language and check the “Auto Skew” and “Auto Rotate” boxes to precise the rotation and skew of the JPG file.
7. Click the “Save” button and Your file is converted perfectly with almost no time contributed nor wasted.

Advantages of JPG to Word Converter

1. This software is the text searchable. You can easily find your document reference numbers, name, and addresses while going through your database.

2. It saves your lots of time when using a digital document because this is not an easy job to maintain the paper documents

3. This software improves your business. If you are handling many clients’ documents work at the same time, it digitizes the documents instantly. It gives you the best experience due to the speed of searching for the files you require and the ability to the content easily.

4. Your documents can become editable with this software. You can convert your files to various formats like MS Word, PNG, JPEG, BMP, GIF, TIFF and many more.

Advantages of JPG to Word Converter

5. JPG to Word Converter permits to copy and paste from the document itself Whether that’s in MS Word format or PDF format.

6. This software always provides you the best quality results as it supports the DPI (Dots Per Inch) setting. It used to measure the resolution of the images. However, you should use a good quality image file for the conversion every time so that you will get the high quality of the file.

7. If you have to edit and convert the document into another language, so there is no worry. This software can recognize the text in the 40 languages.

8. Broken, damaged, skewed and tilted text can be easily edited by using JPG to word Converter because it is capable to detect and correct the characters in the text.

9. It can secure your file giving the watermark and password protection. No illicit source can view and steal the information.


JPG to Word Converter has helped countless organizations to achieve their paperless objectives. Whatever document conversion or related requirement you have, do not miss the opportunity to have this efficient software. It is very convenient because all the features are very helpful to convert an image file into a text format in an accurate way and without too much hassle. It is simple to download. Anyone can run the software. You do not need to be an expert. It provides you a choice to convert over single or multiple image files to various file formats arrange on demand.