Dashain festival history & reason why do we celebrate dashain in Nepal

Dashain facts information with importance of most auspicious Dashain festival in Nepal

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Dashain festival history and reason why do we celebrate dashain in Nepal

Personally, I enjoyed a lot while celebrating Dashain in Nepal when I was child below 12 years. Here I am going to share my experience including its history and reason to celebrate Dashain festival in Nepal. Dashain in Nepal is celebrated during Aswin & early Kartik “late September & early October” month. This is considered to be the biggest festival for the Nepalese people in the year.

It is also regarded to be the most auspicious and longest festival celebrated by all Nepalese, irrespective of their caste & creed. The celebration is carried out for fifteen long days, starting with bright lunar fort night and ends on full moon day. Goddess Durga is worshiped in this festival with abundant offerings, animal sacrifices, and innumerable pujas, drenching the goddess in blood for days. The most important days are the first, seventh, eighth, ninth and the tenth.

Detail facts about Dashain festival in Nepal

Dashain festival Nepal commemorates the gods’ great victory over the notorious demons. The Ramayana is one victory story depicted here, where Lord Ram slaughters Ravana, the demon king. According to mythology, Lord Ram got success in battle only after evoking goddess Durga. The celebration glorifies triumph of ‘good over evil’. This is symbolized with the goddess slaying Mahisasur, the demon king who took the form of buffalo to terrorize the three worlds.

The initial nine days of the celebration signifies nine days of ferocious battle that took place between the goddess and the asur. The 10th day signifies slaying of the demon king, while the last 5 days symbolizes victory celebration seeking goddess blessings.

How to Celebrate Dashain in Nepal?

Every home in Nepal is cleansed thoroughly to purify the home, decorate and paint it beautifully to invite the mother goddess and bless the household with good fortune. Relatives, both nearby and distant visit families during this time! The market bustles with shoppers buying luxuries, gifts, new clothing, temple offering in huge quantities, foodstuffs and the like.
During this time, thousands of sheep, chicken, ducks, buffalo and goat are also prepared to be slaughtered as offering to the goddess. Offices and government institutions remain closed for 7 -5 days. The rich and the poor alike enjoy this festive mood and the whole environment is filled with the aroma and beauty of ‘Vijaya Dashami’.

Why do we celebrate dashain in Nepal

It is popular Hindu festival in this way all Nepali celebrate it. The initial 9 days of festival is called ‘Nava Ratri’.

#The first day is called ‘Ghatasthapana’, which means pot establishing. The room where kalash gets established is known as ‘Dashain Ghar’ to grow the Jamara.
#The 7th day is known as ‘Fulpati’.
#The 8th day is called Maha Asthami.
#The 9th day is called ‘Navami’. This is the last day of Navaratri.
#The 10th day is called ‘Vijay Dashami’ It is most important day of dashain festival in Nepal. Elders put Tika and jamara on the forehead of younger relatives to bless them with abundance in the upcoming years. Tika taking ritual from elder relatives helps to renewal of the community ties significantly.

Once Dashain festival is completed, every household goes back to its normal stage. Dashain which is the liveliest and longest festival in the whole year. You can visit Nepal at the time of these festivals and experience their rich cultural insights. I think after reading this post you are clear about history and reason why do we celebrate Dashain in Nepal. If you have even more question and confusion ask an elder family members about Dashain festival in Nepal.
Dashain festival celebrate in autumn months, it is best time for travel and tours in Nepal. Tourist can visit with Family Everest base camp trek with kids or seniors and age limit for tourism in Nepal and celebrate dashain festival with local in village if interested.