Current status advantages with importance of modern technology in Nepal

Advantages and disadvantages of modern technology in society of Nepal

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Current status advantages with importance of modern technology in Nepal

Importance of Modern Technology in Nepal
Modern technology in Nepal has helped in shaping our way of life, the business world, and the society in general. Almost all fields have been impacted by the modern technology including but not limited to agriculture, entertainment, health, communication and education among others. As Nepal and the entire world continue to develop, more technology also continues to emerge.

While the modern technology used in Nepal have positive impact and have helped make life easier in almost every aspect, they also have negative impacts on our lives and our environment.
Let’s look at some of the most importance of modern technology in Nepal, the equipment used and their advantages and disadvantages.

Development of science and technology in Nepal

Improves communication
With the help of modern communication technology tools mobile phones, video conferencing, instant messenger or electronic mail among other, movement of information within a business or organization has become instantaneous. Now, employees are able to move data easily across various departments without experiencing any interruption. This ensures greater connectivity throughout external and internal structures.

However, security breaches are one major disadvantage facing businesses that use equipment such as phones, electronic mail and so on. Because a business stores its data on a remote clod server, which can easily be accessed online by anyone with a username and a password, such a business risks potentially loosing that data to viruses and hackers in Nepal.

Improves financial management
Accounting software such as Sage 50, Account Edge, Bookkeeper, and Quick Books perform various accounting tasks in an organization or business. Because this software is equipped with all the tools needed in accounting, business owners and managers can now balance their books easily with less experience and knowledge in accounting.
The downside of this technology in Nepal is that it has caused job elimination, which has now increased unemployment rate in Nepal. Software is now doing accounting. Therefore, many trained accountants in Nepal have fewer opportunities to get the job in Nepal.

Improved connectivity among Nepalese people
Like businesses, the society has also benefited greatly from communication technology. By the use of phones, computers and smart watches, we can video call, Skype, send photos and messages to our loved ones, and connect on social media at any time from wherever we are.

However, modern technology in Nepal has its own disadvantage. One of the main disadvantages of using phones and computers is that they cause cyber-sickness. They have made people to become addicted to internet games and social networks. For this reason, most Nepalese people, especially the youths spend most of their time on computers and phones, and reject their normal offline life. This has resulted in increased isolation and social imbalance.
I think after reading this article you know the importance of modern technology in Nepal, its pros and cons. Current status of technology in Nepal on the rapid process of development of information technology in Nepal.

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