Cost of paragliding in Pokhara to experience best paragliding in Nepal

List of best paragliding company in Pokhara with best time for paragliding in Nepal

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Cost of paragliding in Pokhara to experience best paragliding in Nepal

Information to paragliding in Pokhara and Kathmandu Nepal
All right, I’m going to share some idea with safety tips for best paragliding in Nepal as well as the list of best paragliding company in Pokhara. Nepal has come to earn the distinction as one of the best places for many kinds of adventure sports. Trekking still is the most popular activity for which tourists visit Nepal. However, other sports like rafting, canyoning, kayaking and mountain biking are all catching up fast. When you are not interested in any of these, Nepal offers more. You can indulge in some paragliding in Pokhara and other location of Nepal.

History of paragliding in Nepal
Paragliding has been popular in Nepal since 1995. Paragliding is an activity where you are attached to a glider by a harness and you jump off a high place. Unless you have a pilot license of your own, you cannot go solo. You will have a pilot to whom you will be attached by a harness. You and the pilot will be attached to the glider. This is called tandem paragliding.

Paragliding in Nepal can be done at a few places in Nepal. However, the most popular place is Pokhara. It is one of the top 5 places in the world for paragliding. Pokhara boasts of all the best things that are needed for paragliding in Nepal. The thermals are stable, you have a convenient take-off point and safe landing spots. There is also the safety of a large lake below. And added to all these are the most beautiful views of the mountains. There is nothing like seeing the mountains as you float down. There are also paragliding courses available in Nepal where you can learn paragliding in Nepal.

List of the places for amazing paragliding in Nepal

01: Paragliding in Bandipur Nepal
02: Paragliding in Dharan Nepal
03: Paragliding in Kathmandu Nepal
04: Paragliding in Pokhara Nepal

List of paragliding company in Nepal

01 :Sunrise Paragliding Pokhara
02: Team 5 Nepal Paragliding
03: Blue Sky Paragliding Pokhara
04: Frontiers Paragliding Pokhara
05: Happy Fly Paragliding Pokhara
06: Sarangkot Paragliding Pokhara
07: Kathmandu Paragliding
08: Fishtail Nepal Paragliding
09: Lakeside Paragliding Pokhara
10: Hanuman Paragliding Pokhara

Cheapest paragliding in Nepal cost Pokhara
Nepal paragliding is not a cheap sport. However, the money you pay is worth the experience. Most people don’t regret paying so much for the activity. There are many companies offering paragliding at Pokhara. But the rates are the same which include the transport and insurance. Let’s check how much does paragliding cost in Nepal.
At 30-minute standard flight paragliding in Nepal cost you US$ 75 while a 40-60-minute cross-country flight will cost you US$110. You will have to pay an additional US$15 for the Go-Pro footage and stills.

Risks in Paragliding ” is paragliding safe in Nepal”
Safety is given the highest priority by all the reputed companies which are operating paragliding services in Nepal. There is a reserve chute even if your glider fails. All the pilots are highly trained and experienced in paragliding for many years. At Pokhara, you have a huge lake below you.

There are other paragliding places in Nepal too from the eastern part to western part of Nepal. I think now you understand about Pokhara paragliding in Nepal with packages rate of tandem flight with the support pilot. Experience the paragliding tour at the best places for paragliding in Nepal while visiting Pokhara city.

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