Cost of adventure sports Nepal to enjoy extreme adventure in Nepal

List of adventure sports in Nepal for outdoor adventure tourism in Nepal

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Cost of adventure sports Nepal to enjoy extreme adventure in Nepal

All adventure things to do in Nepal
Be careful if you are planning to do extreme adventure sports in Nepal. Listen all tips from guide or instructor before start extreme adventure in Nepal to feel the thrill safely. Nepal is one of the most ideal countries for extreme adventure sports. The country has unique landscape and is home to the mighty Himalayas, rushing rivers, mountain peaks, exotic wildlife and serene valleys which makes it a paradise for adventure lovers. The article explores 10 extreme adventure sports in Nepal that the tourists can try in Nepal, which are as follows:

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01: White Water Rafting in Nepal
Nepal has one of the world’s best white-water river rafting sites. The rushing rivers of Nepal originating from the Himalayas provide for some of the best rafting sites. Rafting is one of the most popular extreme adventure sports in Nepal.
02: Bungee Jumping in Nepal
Bungee jumping is another popular adventure sport in Nepal. The free fall of 160 meters into the river Bhote Koshi near the border of Tibet and Nepal is one of the highest bungee jumps in the world. Bungee jumping can also be combined with other adventure sports like canyon swing, tandem swing, river rafting etc.

03: Mountain Biking in Nepal
Nepal is becoming a sought-after destination for mountain biking. It is the perfect way to enjoy the natural beauty, temples, monasteries and rural lifestyle of the country.
04: Paragliding in Nepal
Paragliding is a popular adventure sport in Nepal in Pokhara. The tourists can enjoy the views of the Annapurna mountain and the beautiful valleys.

05: Canyoning in Nepal
Canyoning is becoming a very popular adventure sport in Nepal. It involves ascending cliffs, jumping into deep pools, short swims,and descent using ropes. Bhulbhule Canoeing, Jalbire Canyoning, Charaudi Canyoning etc. are popular canyoning sites in Nepal.
06: Zip Flying in Nepal
Nepal has the highest and the longest zip flyer located in Sarangkot, Pokhara. The tourists can experience speeds of up to 140 Km/hour and a slope of 56 degrees.

07: Everest Sky Diving in Nepal
Skydiving in the backdrop of Mount Everest is the ultimate dream for any skydiving enthusiasts. The experience allows the diver to jump from about 29,000 feet and get a 360-degree view of some of the highest mountain peak in the world.
Everest skydive highest skydiving in the world jump over Mt Everest

08: Rock Climbing in Nepal
Rock-climbing is another popular extreme adventure sport in Nepal. Due to its undulating terrain and some of the highest mountain peaks, Nepal is an ideal location for rock-climbing.

09: World highest marathon in the world
Everest marathon in one of the best marathon trip. it start from the base camp of Mount Everest Nepal. Experience all information about highest and biggest mountain range in the world-Himalayas- is an exhilarating experience. The amazing height and spread of the Himalayas with the snow make it a memorable adventure sport in Nepal.
42 km – 26 miles Everest marathon the highest marathon in the world
10: Ultra-Light Flight in Nepal
The ultra-light flight in Pokhara, Nepal provides a bird’s eye view of the mountain peaks and the Pokhara valley. The ultra-light flight has a cockpit and seating for two-the pilot and the passenger. The aircraft takes off with the help of engine and after gaining altitude the engine is switched off and it glides like a hand glider. It can get close to the mountain peaks and provide a unique experience to the tourists.

There are not many adventure sports in Kathmandu Nepal. Pokhara is the best adventure towns in Nepal. There are many adventure activities available on offers with adventure travel agencies in Nepal. top 10 adventure sports in Nepal list may helps all to select the best extreme adventure in Nepal as per the desire. while travelling to Nepal do not forget to take a taste of any of these adventure in Nepal to experience the difference in Himalayan nation. Take pleasure in top 10 most extreme adventure sports in Nepal.

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