Christmas in Kathmandu overview How to celebrate Christmas in Nepal

Happy Merry Christmas! unique ways for Christmas Celebrations in Nepal

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Christmas in Kathmandu overview How to celebrate Christmas in Nepal

Nepali ways of Christmas Festival Celebration in Nepal
In fact celebrations of Christmas in Nepal in the same way you celebrate anywhere in the world. But Christmas celebration style slightly influences with Nepali culture, ethnicity and lifestyle. You will find most of the church offering special services. There are restaurants which serve a special menu for Christmas.

Like with many festivals, Christmas has also become a time for shopping and establishments exploit the festival by offering good discounts and sale on many products in Nepal. Adventure company and local tour organizers Nepal provide special offers Christmas celebration tour packages including Mount Everest base camp trek Nepal to reach the EBC on Christmas eve.
History Of Christmas celebration
All over the world, the 25th of December is celebrated as Christmas in celebration of the birth of “Jesus Christ” in Bethlehem somewhere between the 7th and 2nd century BC. Though there are different dates on which Christmas is celebrated by different sections of Christians, December 25th is the date that is mostly followed across the world.
Although it is celebrated across the world as the birth date of Jesus, even before Christmas started to be celebrated, the time of the year, especially around December 21, the winter solstice was celebrated in parts of the world. It was a time to look forward to warmer days. It was also the time when most places get fresh meat.
Christmas was not celebrated in the early days of Christianity when Easter was the main celebration. As the church wanted to celebrate a date for Christ’s birth, Pope Julius I selected December 25th as the date and it spread across the world.

Christmas Celebrations
Do they celebrate Christmas in Nepal? Like Christmas in Nepal, people all over the world celebrate Christmas with big fanfare. Churches organize special prayers. The main celebration is giving gifts to each other. Santa Claus is supposed to bring gifts and good wishes to everyone on Christmas Eve. People decorate their homes with Christmas Trees and lights. Christmas dinner is a very special time when the whole family sits together for a feast.

Christmas in Nepal
Though Nepal is a predominantly Hindu nation, Christmas is celebrated well by the Christian population here. Christianity spread to Nepal through missionaries and Nepalese who stayed in countries which were predominantly Christian. The government made Christmas a national holiday in 2007 when the nation was declared a secular state.

If you ask the youth of Nepal how to celebrate Christmas in Nepal, they will tell you that it is the time to be out with friends and have a nice party. As most of the festivals in Nepal are traditional involving the family, this is one festival that the youngsters get, to be with their friends and have a gala time.

Celebrate New Year’s Eve at the top of the world
Those who wish to celebrate Christmas in a quite different way can plan for the Everest base camp trek during Christmas or on the New Year’s Eve need not share the trekking trail with thousands of trekkers. They will get a unique way to spend their holidays also. Those who are at Khumbu on the Christmas day can enjoy the enchanting panoramic views of the snow-capped Himalayan peaks. Those who go for the Everest base camp trek on the New Year’s Eve will be accompanied by efficient, experienced and licensed guides who will ensure that the trek is highly enjoyable, comfortable and exciting. I think now you are clear about the ways to celebrate Christmas in Nepal. if you wants to know more on christmas celebrations in Nepal come to see Christmas in Kathmandu, Nepal.

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