Best yoga training center Nepal to practice wellness Yoga in Nepal

Nepal yoga institute yoga classes overview of yoga teacher training courses Nepal

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Best yoga training center Nepal to practice wellness Yoga in Nepal

All about Nepal yoga & wellness teacher training classes Nepal
This details helps to know about yoga in Nepal including Nepal yoga Institute yoga classes & yoga teacher training courses Nepal. Anyone can go and practice regular yoga in Nepal while travelling to Nepal. Nepal is the land of sages and saints. Since ancient times yogis and sages have practiced meditation and yoga in Nepal.
History of yoga in Nepal
It is a land of a wonderful blend of Buddhist and Hindu philosophies, yoga, and meditation. It is believed that yoga was practiced in Nepal some 28,000 years ago. Practicing yoga in the backdrop of the pristine and beautiful Himalayas in an unmatched spiritual experience.

Wellness yoga in Nepal
Yoga retreats are becoming hugely popular in Nepal. These retreats allow the tourist to relax in the lap of nature and destress through yoga. It also helps them to disconnect with the outside world and reconnect with their inner selves. Some of the most popular yoga retreats in Nepal which can provide the tourists a nice yoga experience is provided below:

Mindfulness at Kathmandu Pokhara city
There are many yoga studio in Nepal mainly in Kathmandu and Pokhara city. Yoga studios offer great yoga trip in spectacularly beautiful wellness center. It aims at providing yoga sessions and rejuvenating the body. The retreat is also a great place to stay if the tourists are interested in outdoor sports like rafting, hiking, mountain biking etc.

Everest Yoga trek
This yoga retreat offers high-altitude yoga and meditation in lower section of Everest trek area of Nepal. The trip starts with a flight from Kathmandu to Lukla. The trip follows the same route as the Everest base camp trail. Yoga is practiced in the small tents set up outside the lodges in the mornings and afternoon. This can be a challenging yoga retreat as it demands the tourists to stay at high-altitude. However, it is also the most rewarding Nepal yoga retreat as it provides stunning views of the Mount Everest.
Exclusive Everest base camp yoga trek for retreat & meditation Nepal

Yoga Trek in Annapurna
Tourists can soak in the beautiful surroundings and enjoy silent meditation walks, half-day treks and outdoor yoga. The trip begins and ends in Kathmandu including three nights in Kathmandu and one night in Pokhara. It also comes with an option of continuing the yoga practice for three more days in the Kathmandu valley.
Best Yoga trek Nepal package cost of yoga trek in Himalaya.

Yoga Retreat at Begnas Lake
This is a lovely retreat located on Begnas Lake. The tourists can enjoy yoga sessions in the morning followed by some delicious food. The afternoons provide time for some outdoor activities like swimming, boating, hiking etc. Evenings are again filled with yoga postures and techniques.

List of best yoga training center Nepal

01: Nepal Yoga Home Kathmandu “the best yoga training center Nepal”
02: Nepal Yoga Academy
03: Mandala Studio Yoga & Spa
04: Pranamaya Yoga Studio Thamel
05: Kathmandu School of Yoga
06: Shanti Yoga Ashram
07: Himalayan Yoga Resort
08: Charak Yoga Studio
09: The Art of Living Center
10: Nepal Yoga Institute and Retreat

Nepal is a magical destination and one of the best places to seek spiritual blissfulness through practicing yoga. The beautiful mountain peaks, monasteries, natural beauty and the warm Nepalese hospitality make it an ideal place to practice yoga. Yoga in Nepal has been practiced since ancient times and tourists from all over the world visit Nepal and explore its offerings in yoga and spirituality in Nepal.

I think after reading this post you are clear about the best yoga training center in Nepal as well as the international yoga teacher training courses Nepal too. If you need even more information about it contact Nepal yoga home Kathmandu and discus with “Prakash Acharya” one of the best yoga instructor of Nepal.

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