Best wooden wardrobe price in Nepal to buy folding wardrobe in Nepal

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Best wooden wardrobe price in Nepal to buy folding wardrobe in Nepal

Ideas to buy online folding wardrobe in Kathmandu Nepal
The wardrobe in Nepal is being used for a very long time and has been helping people to keep safe their clothes. The popularly sold one in the market is the folding wardrobe in Nepal. The wardrobe is also called the armoire, is considered to be a standing closet that is used to store clothes. Previously a chest was used as a wardrobe.

Back then, wardrobe meant a room where the wall space was filled up with lockers and closets. The drawer can be termed to be a modern invention. It is from these lockers and cupboards that the modern wardrobe design evolved and has sliding shelves, drawers and hanging spaces.Wardrobe price in Nepal depends on various factors like design, used materials, size etc. some basic designs and common size of folding wardrobe in Nepal listed below for reference.

Price list of available folding wardrobe in Nepal

01: Wooden wardrobe price in Nepal start from Rs 17000 (basic)
02: Best folding wardrobe in Nepal price start from 55700
03: Folding wardrobe in Nepal price start from Rs 4500
04: Plastic wardrobe in Nepal price start from Rs 7200
05: Bedroom Wardrobes in Nepal price start from 5500
06: Online portable wardrobe Nepal price start from Rs 2900

It is also stated to be a simple patio from where clothes are hung using metal bars or simply tucked within the utility racks that runs up to down. According to the experts, the modern version tends to differ in one particular respect from those used ages before, which is triple partition and having 2 linear compartments on its either side, combined with shelves and middle space created to hang drawers and pegs.

Its history
The wardrobe is being used from as early as the 16th century in Europe. For around 100s of years, these pieces were huge and also cumbrous in appearance. However, they were designed with well carved fronts and came in moderate numbers. Later cabinets were made using oak and resulted in fashion change. Oak was then succeeded by walnut as the furniture’s favorite material.

Size of best folding wardrobe in Nepal
The common feature of a wardrobe was to base eight small size men. A good double size wardrobe was designed to fit in easily, eight small men. It was during the 19th century that the wardrobe started to evolve into its present form, having press at the upper part of central portion, hanging cupboard at both the sides and drawers below. Mahogany was used for its construction. The best folding wardrobe in Nepal can be found made of different types of materials and available in various sizes to fit specific requirements and preferences.

Tips to select best wardrobe
With wardrobe price in Nepal getting more cheaper, the citizens of Nepal are now able to get their choice of furniture for their bedroom. It is necessary to identify the right style balance and comfort. Prior to selecting a style or design, some factors are to be taken into consideration.

#Type: The choice is between inbuilt and free standing wardrobe.
#Measurements: The wardrobe should be purchased taking into account the available room space and height.
#Style: With different designs and styles available in the market, selection should be made according to budget and preference.
#Storage: Find out the type and amount of items to be kept inside.
Going through the above can help to find the best wardrobe in Nepal. visit different furniture showrooms to see the suitable style, compare price to buy the folding wardrobe in Nepal.