Best studio making tattoo in Nepal with famous tattoo artists in Nepal

What are the best tattoo parlors in Kathmandu with price of making tattoo in Nepal

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Best studio making tattoo in Nepal with famous tattoo artists in Nepal

Popularity of making tattoo in Nepal increasing between young generation as a trend these days. There are so many tattoo parlors in Kathmandu and other city of Nepal where you can make tattoo in Nepal. Tattoo price in Nepal depends on the artist and tattoo studios in Nepal. Beside that there are many tattoo artist in different villages in Nepal who practice traditional method / bamboo tattoo you can get cheap and best service from them too but they have limited designs of tattoos in Nepal.
Tattoo culture in Nepal is among the oldest traditions practiced in Magars, Gurungs, Tharu, Tamang and Newari communities of the country. Even though it is not known when the tattoo culture in this country began, the culture of getting a tattoo in Nepal was a part of the social and cultural aspects of the lives of Nepalese people since the ancient times.

Getting a temporary tattoo in Nepal has become extremely easy these days. There are so many tattoo artists around Kathmandu, and this makes it easier for anyone to get a tattoo in Nepal. Even though tattoos have been very common among Nepalese people for centuries now, the youths in Nepal now embrace it more than ever, and they are using it to express themselves.
With high demand, tattoo artists have set up many places tattoo enthusiasts can get it done on whichever part of their body they want to have a tattoo.
The prices of goods and services in Nepal are relatively low as compared to the prices of getting the same in the western countries. It therefore goes without saying that the price of making tattoo in Nepal is also very friendly to the pocket. Here are some of the places to make simple hand tattoos in Kathmandu.

List of the best tattoo parlors in Kathmandu, Nepal

01: Mohan’s Tatto Inn
02: Funky Buddha Tattoo
03: Art n Tattoo
04: Babu’s Tattoo Thamel
05: Ink Link tattoo
06: Stupa Tattoo Ink
07: Tattoo Gizmo Nepal
08: Aamali Tattoo Inn
09: Summit tattoo inn
10: Urgen tattoo

Given top 10 tattoo parlors in Kathmandu has received wide recognition and a lot of appreciation from tattoo enthusiasts from around the world. Most of the tattoo shop in Kathmandu Nepal makes all types of design. The price of making tattoo in Nepal at this place starts from RS 2000 and above according to the design and takes time to make.
There are so many designs of simple hand tattoos, the price will depend on how long the design you have chosen takes a tattoo artist to make. For instance, you can decide to have arrows on your palm or fingers. Doing such tattoos will not take more than an hour. If you decide to go for a more complex design, like having a flower or someone’s face tattoo on your hand, your tattoo artist will need longer time to make that, and the price will be a bit higher.
Some of the are popular as a tattoo learning center in Nepal also. Make a tattoo in Kathmandu with the best tattoo artists in Nepal. They do provides service of laser tattoo removal in Nepal and tattoo removal cream in Nepal also. I think now you are clear about making tattoo in Nepal including traditional Nepalese tattoos, permanent and temporary tattoo in Nepal with price at best studios. If you need even more information visit nearest tattoo parlors in Kathmandu Nepal.