Best Shisha hookah in Nepal online price to buy hookah in Nepal

Small hookah price in Nepal information to buy hookah flavors online in Nepal

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Best Shisha hookah in Nepal online price to buy hookah in Nepal

Place to buy flavor & hukka in Nepal online
Smoking hookah harmful for health! youngsters know that but still go to hookah bar to smoke Shisha hookah in Nepal. It is really bad practice. Bad things sprayed very fast many youth of city area fall in love with smoking Shisha hookah in Nepal. There are not any rule and regulation to control the use of Shisha hookah in Nepal. Most of the restaurants, bar offer it for customers commonly.

Definition of hookah
A shisha hookah is a device used to smoke tobacco. Unlike other forms of smoking tobacco, a hookah allows the smoke to pass through a water basin. The belief is that the water purifies the smoke. While smoking the shisha hookah it is usual to add flavors to the tobacco used in the hookah.
A shisha hookah is used to smoke as a group rather than alone. In most places, there are hookah bars where the hookah is placed, and customers can smoke from it. It is customary for people to sit around a hookah and pass the pipe for each member to smoke.
How much does it cost to buy Shisha hookah in Nepal
Its price depends on the size, shape, made from and many other factors. Lets check the price to buy to Shisha hookah in Nepal.

List of hookah price in Nepal online

01: Glass textured hookah set price in Nepal start from Rs 3500
02: 24 inch Shisha hookah price in Nepal start from Rs 2500
03: Pocket hookah price in Nepal start from Rs 750
04: 11 inch small hookah price in Nepal start from Rs 1350
05: Hookah flavors’ price in Nepal start from Rs 200
06: Shisha Hookha pipes price in Nepal start from Rs 350

Hookah in Nepal is very commonly smoked in many of the hookah lounges in the city. Though earlier associated with elders, many youngsters can be seen sitting around a hookah pipe in any of the bars in the city.

History of Hookah
Hookah was supposed to have originated in the court of Akbar when he ruled India. The introduction of tobacco by the Jesuits was the catalyst to making this device by the emperor’s physician. Another theory says that the hookah originated in Persia. The word hookah, however, originates from the Hindustani word “huqqa”
The hookah is now very popular all over the world with almost all the western cities having dedicated hookah lounges.

How the hookah works?
The tobacco is placed in the bowl which is on top of the stem. The bowl is made out of clay, glass or marble. A perforated piece of aluminum foil is placed on the tobacco and coal placed on top of it. The coal is lit which allows the tobacco to heat up and release the flavors. A windscreen, which is a perforated lid for the bowl is placed on top to prevent wind from increasing the burning of the coal.

Another part of the shisha hookah in Nepal is the hose through which the user can draw in the smoke. The base of the hookah has water. The stem passes down below the level of the water allowing the smoke to bubble through the water before being inhaled. This reduces the heat and the strength of tobacco smoke.

Hookah in Nepal
Smoking hookah is a very popular pastime among the young Nepalis. Young men assemble at the various hookah bars and enjoy an evening together. The return of smoking a hookah are that it will reduce the strength and the tar content of the smoke as it passes through the water. It is also an activity that promotes friendship as people smoke from the same mouthpiece.

The best hookah in Nepal can be purchased online and various models are available. If you need even more information about Shisha hookah in Nepal contact local manufacture to design according to your need. Online sellers or physical stores also provide lots of information on Shisha hookah in Nepal before purchase.

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