Best sandwich maker price in Nepal to buy sandwich maker in Nepal

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Best sandwich maker price in Nepal to buy sandwich maker in Nepal

I am going to share some information about sandwich maker in Nepal. If you like sandwich better to read users feedback, check price of sandwich maker in Nepal to purchase online. This device helps you to make yummy sandwich by your own at home or restaurants. A sandwich maker is a simple appliance used to make a sealed toasted sandwich. The device has two sides joined together by hinges. The sides can be brought together and closed tightly.

All modern sandwich makers come as electrical devices though earlier the fire heated varieties were common. Even today the campfire models work on open fires. The appliances allow you to place four slices of bread, two on either side of the toaster, with some filling in between. This is then closed and switched on. The appliance heats the bread slices and the filling inside to make a sealed toasted sandwich. Sandwich makers in Nepal is a very widely used appliance.
The sandwich makers differs from the toaster. A toaster only toasts the bread slices. Here the heat is radiated from the sides to toast the bread to a required level.

Price list of different brands sandwich maker in Nepal

01: Sandwich maker price in Nepal start from Rs 6500
02: Grill sandwich pan price in Nepal start from Rs 4200
03: 2-Slice sandwich maker price in Nepal start from Rs 3499
04: Philips sandwich maker price in Nepal start from Rs 3300
05: Baltra sandwich maker price in Nepal start from Rs 2350
06: Homeglory sandwich maker price in Nepal start from Rs 1500

History of sandwich maker
The earliest sandwich maker was called the pie iron, which was invented in 1920 but patented in 1925. This was invented by Charles Champion. It consisted of two sides of metal squares hinged together to form the container for the bread slices. There were long handles attached which can be used to place them on campfires. The usual filling was canned pie filling. Other fillings like an egg, meat,and vegetable fillings were also used.

How to use a sandwich maker?
The sandwich maker should be coated with vegetable oil on the inner surfaces after cleaning them thoroughly with a moist cloth. The sandwich maker can then be closed and plugged in. This will help in preheating the appliance. Once it is hot a light will indicate that is ready for the sandwich to be placed inside.

You should place the sandwich on the lower side of the appliance. Then close the sandwich maker. The process will take anywhere from 3 to 6 minutes. You can remove the sandwich at any time in between depending on how brown you want the sandwich. You should remove the sandwich using a spatula as both the sandwich and the surfaces will be hot. Cool the appliances before cleaning it and storing it.

Tips to buy sandwich maker
When you want to buy the best sandwich makers in Nepal, you should look for some features. You should preferably buy one with a non-stick surface so that it is easy to clean. There are sandwich makers which come with both toasting and grill options. The sandwich maker price in Nepal will be different for different brands and models. Any way i think now you are able to select the sandwich maker in Nepal online for your personal or commercial use. Enjoy homemade sandwich, made with latest sandwich makers in Nepal.

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