Best private places in Kathmandu for dating couples to spend quality time & kiss

Top 10 romantic places in Kathmandu that you can go on your next date

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Best private places in Kathmandu for dating couples to spend quality time & kiss

Private Dating Places in Kathmandu, Nepal
Searching best private places in Kathmandu for dating couples to spend quality time & kiss read this article in detail. If there is one thing that couples from all over the world usually yawn for, then it must be privacy. Couples need a private place where they can date, kiss, play and do all manner of things without interruption, and without having to worry about who is watching.
In Nepal, there are so many private places where couples can date and kiss as they wish. The following are some of the best private places in Kathmandu for couples.

List of top 5 Private 5 fantasy-filled dating Places in Kathmandu, Nepal

01: Nagarkot
Nagarkot is regarded by many couples as one of the greatest private places in Kathmandu for couples, especially those who have just fallen in love. There are fine and remarkable restaurants and hotels where you can book a private place. You can also enjoy viewing the unbeaten sunrise in the morning with your partner as you kiss and have fun.

02: Garden of Dreams
Garden of Dreams is one of the places in Kathmandu for dating. The peaceful environment and the beauty of this place will give you intense pleasure and a private comfort zone ideal for people who want to be alone. With the fabulous gardens that give the most pleasant smell, dating in this place can be more romantic beyond your imagination.

03: Manjushree Park, Taudala & Whoopee Land
Manjushree Park has become very popular among romancing partners for the obvious reason that it offers privacy in the most comfort zones one can ask for. Just a short distance to the southeast of Chobar, Manjushree Park has one of the longest, interesting caves in Asia. The cafes and restaurant inside Manjushree Park offer a great service and gives you the most memorable dating experience. very close to this park there are two other romantic places Taudala & Whoopee Land where you spend quality time and kiss including fun things with water.

04: Tribhuvan Park Thankot & Chandragiri hills
Tribhuvan Park Thankot has recently become the go-to place for dating couples in Kathmandu. Situated only 7 km from the heart of Kathmandu, Tribhuvan Park the base of Chandragiri hills is only 25 minutes ride. If your partner loves nature, then this place is ideal for the two of you. First of all you can go for cable car riding to Chandragiri hills when back spend romantic time at Tribhuvan Park Thankot.

05: Godawari
Godawari is among the best private places in Kathmandu. Nearby restaurant of Godawari where you will get the best coffee, beer, and food in Kathmandu, in not in Nepal in general. The garden is extremely cozy during the day and extremely romantic at evening.

I think now you get bit knowledge about top dating places around Kathmandu valley. These are very good private places in Kathmandu where couples get to spend quality time and kiss. Of course, the above list is far from being complete. There are so many other private places in Kathmandu for dating. So, you don’t have to stick to them, but you can also try other spots. Good luck!
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