Best places for bungee jumping in Nepal height, price and location

Highest bungee jumping in Nepal price for Bhote koshi bungee jumping in Nepal Pokhara

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Best places for bungee jumping in Nepal height, price and location

All about the last resort bungee jumping in Nepal height
This explanation is intended to share the information about bungee jumping in Nepal. Bungee jumping, as everyone knows is a sport where people jump from bridges or other tall structures with an elastic tied to their feet. The sport is very popular in almost all the places in the world. The excitement comes from the free fall and the subsequent recoil due to the elasticity of the cord. The oscillation continues until the cord rests. There are 2 spots for Bungee Jumping in Nepal, the last resort and Pokhara.

History of bungee jumping
Long before bungee jumping in Nepal became popular, the sport started in Pentecost Island on the Pacific Sea. It was during the second world war that westerners who came here discovered this sport. But the modern bungee jumping began on 1st April 1979 when some students from Oxford jumped from the Clifton Bridge, much against the law. The man who is known as the authority of bungee jumping, A.J. Hackett was part of the group who jumped but was then anonymous.
In 1989 A.J. Hackett started commercial bungee jumping in New Zealand. From the time the sport has spread to all nations in the world.

Need to know about bungee Jumping in Nepal

Bungee jumping in Nepal is probably the best in the world. The site of the bungee jump is a bridge constructed specifically for this purpose. It is near the NepalChina border and close to the friendship bridge which connects these two countries. The bungee bridge and the equipment were constructed by a reputed bungee consultancy from New Zealand specifically for this purpose. The last resort is one of the best place for Bungee Jumping in Nepal.

The jump is one of the most spectacular in the world. The jump is from the suspension bridge constructed for this purpose. The bridge is above the Bhoti Kosi River. The jump is a 160 m drop. It is the longest distance for bungee jumping anywhere in the world. The operators of the jump will fix a Go Pro camera on you so that the whole jump can be recorded.

Now there is another spots for Bungee Jumping in Nepal at Pokhara. It is made with tall structures to grab the business from the tourists who visit the most beautiful valley Pokhara. In fact it is not very popular. Any way cost of bungee jumping in Pokhara Nepal is US$ 100.
The bungee jumping Nepal operators have given much importance to safety and there is absolutely no danger involved in the sport.

The Last Resort Nepal
The Last Resort organizes the bungee jump above the Bhoti Kosi River. The bungee trip including the transporting and lunch costs you $108. The resort will also record your jump with their camera. You can order a DVD of the jump and get a free t-shirt too. This is the best place for bungee jumping in Nepal.

The Last Resort is located amidst rocks and forests. It is a serene place to spend a few days of existence with nature. The resort also offers the opportunity of enjoying other sports like kayaking, canyoning, rafting etc. I believe that you get some idea about bungee jumping in Nepal after reading this post. If you need even more information on bungee jumping in Nepal contact local organizer and online booking service providers Nepal.

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