Best kitchen chimney price in Nepal online to buy chimney in Nepal

Chimney dealers in Nepal online with tips buy perfect kitchen chimney in Nepal

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Best kitchen chimney price in Nepal online to buy chimney in Nepal

Tips to buy kitchen chimney online at low prices in Nepal
Many people of Nepal are using the kitchen chimney in Nepal. Here I am going to share some ideas to select the best kitchen chimney in Nepal to use in your new kitchen. A kitchen chimney is a structure located in the kitchen for purposes of ventilating the room from smoke or hot gases produced by the stove, the fireplace, furnace or boiler.

Chimneys are mainly designed in a vertical manner or as close as possible to being vertical to make certain that the air circulation is smoothly hence giving the room what is referred to as the chimney effect or the stack effect. The flue is the term used to define the space in a chimney.
The ability of the chimney to transfer gases in and out of the environment through the chimney effect is influenced by the chimney height. The impact of the chimneys on the environment can influence their ability to disperse pollutants at high altitudes. When the height of the chimney is great it will be able to effectively neutralize the effect of aggressive airborne chemicals before they come in contact with the ground. The kitchen chimneys in Nepal have the ability to reduce the concentration of pollutants by dispersing them over a wide region hence complying with the regulatory limits.

Price list of kitchen chimney in Nepal

01: Electron chimney price in Nepal start from Rs 14500
02: Glen chimney Nepal cost start from Rs 6700
03: Elica chimney Nepal cost start from Rs 22500
04: Faber chimney price in Nepal start from Rs 20300
05: Kitchen hood in Nepal price start from Rs 17999
06: Beko kitchen chimney price in Nepal 10500

Invention History of kitchen chimneys 
The first kitchen chimneys were first seen in the twelfth century in Northern Europe. though the Romans are said to have been the first to come up with the idea since they used tubes on the wall interiors to remove the smoke from their bakeries. The first model of the kitchen chimney dates back to 1185 AD in Yorkshire at the Conisborough Castle.

Types of kitchen chimneys
There are several types of chimneys in Nepal namely the wall mounted chimneys, the island chimneys and the corner chimneys.

Wall-mounted chimney
These are chimneys that have been fixed on the hob wall. The design of this chimney is ideal for traditional kitchens since the stoves were mainly positioned adjacent the wall especially for the Indian style of cooking. This is considered the best kitchen chimney in Nepal.

Island chimney
This type of chimney is designed in such a way that it is hanging hence require ducts to hold it in place and pipes to carry the fumes and smoke out. They are ideal for open kitchens whereby the stove is positioned at the center far away from the wall. They are a bit costly.

Built in chimney
This type of chimney is built inside the kitchen cabinets on the wall such that the chimney parts are invisible. For installation purposes extra wood is used.

Corner chimney
This type of chimney is positioned in the kitchen corner wall above the top of the cooking stove. They are the least popular type of chimney in Nepal.

I think after reading this post to prepare mentally which is the best chimney to use in your kitchen. If you need even more information and price of best Kitchen chimney in Nepal email the online chimney supplier.

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