Best ISP in Nepal on the list of top 10 internet service providers in Nepal

List of Nepal ISP the best internet service providers in Nepal

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Best ISP in Nepal on the list of top 10 internet service providers in Nepal

Internet is a necessity these days. Everyone requires Internet connection to communicate with neighbors in global village for different purpose. People use Internet for information, entertainment, education, business, chatting and for many other purposes. These days, people can’t think about living without Internet.
People in Nepal also enjoy surfing the net on their laptops, mobile, tablet and other modern devices. They want their ISP in Nepal to provide a range of Internet services, and high speed for a reasonable price. The reality of internet service in Nepal is that no ISP in Nepal provides outstanding internet service.
In fact, most Nepalese say that they are getting just average internet services from their Internet service providers in Nepal. Most of the users face interruption in connection and lots of other issues on daily basis. Following are the top ISP in Nepal.

List of top 10 internet service providers in Nepal
01: World Link
World Link Communication Pvt. Ltd is one of the best Internet Service Providers in Nepal. It was established in 1995. It provides the Internet and IT services all over Nepal. It has been providing its services for over 20 years. Over the span of 20 years, this ISP has improved its services significantly. World Link is considered as the most reliable option in Nepal for availing Internet services.Best ISP in Nepal on the list of top 10 internet service providers in Nepal
02: Nepal Telecom
Nepal telecom is one of the leading internet service provider in Nepal. they provide ADSL, Ymax and other different service based in cell phone. They provide good service but they will not provide any instant technical support.
03: Ncell
This ISP is the largest private telecom firm in Nepal. Ncell is also known to be the most expensive mobile operator in Nepal. They offer interesting services such as internet packs, facebook pack, unlimited internet, and data pack. They provide Internet services for a competitive price.

04: Websurfer
Websurfer is one of the top Internet service providers in Nepal. They are offering a variety of services. The services include fiber connect, TV Net, WDSL, Intranet services, dedicated Internet access, WiFi / hotspot services, and many other services.
05: Subisu
This company also provide the internet service in Nepal. Mainly this company provides cable internet and television services. not many things to say think and ask the experience of user before order.
06: Broadlink
It is also one of the ISP in Nepal provides different types of internet service for customers. It is one of the fastest growing internet service providers of Nepal.

07: Vianet
It is also a popular ISP in Nepal. It was established in 1999. Vianet offers affordable fiber optics broadband internet service in Nepal.
08: Classic tech
Classic tech is one of the top Internet Service Provider and Network Service Provider in Nepal. It was established in 2009. Classic Tech’s services are reliable. They offer larger network, flexible plans and dedicated service.
09: Itel
In the middle of internet service provider Itel also doing good for Nepalese internet users with its cheap service. One-time set up charge is applicable in all plan that includes a refundable deposit. In addition, VAT is also applied. Consult them for fastest and cheapest internet service in Nepal.
10: Mercantile
Mercantile is a well known name in between Nepali customers to register domain, hosting and email services. It is one of the best ISP in Nepal.

There are many internet service provider in Nepal beside given top 10 isp in Nepal . Personally I advise all to select the best internet company according to the experience user recommendation, friends and family. There are some ISP name holder cheating company also in Nepal with terrible services be careful with them.

It is not easy task to select the best internet service providers in Nepal. We collect this list based on the user experience, review and recommendations on forum. To make the top ten list we have to maintain ten different company in list any way. According to my experience some of this company have really expensive and terrible services. Personally I cannot recommended all these ISP of Nepal for new users.
Make a lot of research to append the internet connection at your home, office or other places. There are some really very good internet service providers in Nepal also listed above. List of top 10 Internet service providers in Nepal provide flexible Internet services to users. Select the best ISP of Nepal to discover world!

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