Best helmets price in Nepal to buy half & full face helmets in Nepal

Latest helmets price in Nepal online helmet shop to buy best helmets in Nepal

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Best helmets price in Nepal to buy half & full face helmets in Nepal

Online helmet shopping in Nepal
It is not allowed to drive the motorcycle without helmets in Nepal because of the safety concern. A helmet is a protective headgear which protects the person from suffering serious injuries to the head. It helps the skull to protect the brain. Helmets used in many places including in wars, in sports and while riding two-wheelers. The initial helmets were made for the protection of the head during the war. basically people use the helmets in Nepal during motorcycle riding in Nepal.

History of Helmet
The first real motorcycle helmet was made by Cairns, a doctor who attended to T E Lawrence, more popularly known as Lawrence of Arabia when he was hurt in a motorcycle accident. Cairns decided to make the helmet when Lawrence succumbed to his head injuries. The first effective motorcycle helmet was made in 1941 and found success when the British Army ordered their dispatch riders to wear helmets. The helmet has since then undergone a lot of transformations to make them safer and more effective.

Helmets price in Nepal at helmet shop in Kathmandu

01: Price of full face helmets in Nepal start from Rs 2750
02: Price of half helmets Nepal start from Rs 1750
03: Harley Davidson Helmet price in Nepal start from Rs 2500
04: Vega helmets price in Nepal start from Rs 2500
05: STM helmet price in Nepal start from Rs 1800
06: Shark helmets price in Nepal start from Rs 17999
07: Decken helmets in Nepal price start from Rs 15000
08: LS2 helmets Nepal price start from Rs 6000
09: Steelbird helmet price in Nepal start from Rs 2500
10: Studds helmet price in Nepal start from Rs 2650
11: Index helmet price in Nepal start from Rs 5500

Types of Helmets in Nepal
Helmets in Nepal are available in different types. There are basically six types of motorcycles helmets in popular use. The full-face helmets are one of the safest types as it protects the back, top, sides,and front of the head. It also protects the chin. Full-face helmets themselves are available in a different fashion for normal riding and sports riding. The important feature is that they protect the chin, which is mostly affected by an accident.
The modular helmet is similar to the full-face helmet but without the chin protection. The three-fourth helmet is most popular among slower moving two-wheeler riders. They provide protection to the top, back,and sides of the head. Your face is fully exposed.

Half helmets protect only from half of your forehead to halfway down the back of your head. They provide very little protection. Off-road helmets are similar to full-face helmets but have an angular chin bar and come with sun peaks. These helmets are meant for maximum protection with enough ventilation as they are meant for warmer weather. The dual sports helmets fall somewhere between the off-road helmets and full-face helmets.

Helmets in Nepal
All the best helmets in Nepal can be easily purchased in many of the shops. When you purchase a helmet, you should buy the correct size. You can measure from one inch above the eyebrows to the widest point of your head. This measure in inches can be cross-referred with the helmet sizes.
Other things to check when you buy full face helmets in Nepal ensure that the visor, the vents, neck roll, the chin straps are all OK. If you are riding only in town it is better to get one with a smoke or clear visor. Ensure to wear the helmet tight around your head.
I think after reading this article you are able to select the best motorcycle helmets in Nepal to buy full face helmets in Nepal as well as the half helmets Nepal as per the needs. Compare customer reviews and price of latest helmets enjoy riding & online helmet shopping in Nepal.

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