Best dumbbell shop Nepal to buy new & second hand dumbbells in Nepal

Metal or rubber dumbbell set price in Nepal to buy online dumbbells in Nepal

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Best dumbbell shop Nepal to buy new and second hand dumbbells in Nepal

Tips to buy dumbbells online in Nepal
I believe that when you purchase best dumbbells in Nepal will definitely to build the muscles. Here I am going to share information with price to buy the new as well as second hand dumbbells in Nepal. The people who like to have a homemade gym, the dumbbells are the key equipment for them. So purchasing the dumbbells should be a top priority. The dumbbells help in increasing your arm strength and helps in getting lean muscle as well, and both of these things decrease with age.

The dumbbells are quite different from the other training equipment such as the barbell or the big weight machines because it is affordable and takes a little space as you can place them under your bed as well. In this article, we will discuss some of the best dumbbells in Nepal that you can purchase.
Types of dumbbells
Following are the types of dumbbells that can be easily purchased from the market:
The two major types of dumbbells are available in Nepal.
01: Fixed Dumbbells: These are best dumbbells to workout with because you to pick them up and start your training with fixed weight and are easier to use.Hex Dumbbells are fixed dumbbells.
02: Adjustable Dumbbells: These dumbbells provide you to change the amount of weight that you are willing to lift as per your need.

The dumbbells mentioned below are adjustable dumbbells which you can buy at dumbbell shop in Nepal.
# Spinlock Dumbbells
# Bowflex Dumbbells
# Ironmaster Dumbbells
# PowerBlock Dumbbells

Invention history of dumbbells
The system of a dumbbell originated from the ancient Greek nearly 2000 years ago because the Greeks developed equipment known as the haltere (a crescent-shaped stone with a handle). Haltere was used for weight lifting as well as for the long jump events.

Purchasing the dumbbells
You should take a closer look at the following dumbbells in Nepal with price of dumbbell set:
1) Tone fitness 20 lb. Hourglass Dumbbell set in Kathmandu Nepal
These dumbbells are meant for those people who have just started lifting and are trying to have proper fitness. This dumbbell set brings three pairs of dumbbells with it which are two, three, and five pounds. You also get a plastic stand for putting them.
Price: Rs 3,072
2) Amazon basics Neoprene Dumbbells Nepal
These are special dumbbells because they are covered with a rubbery coating which makes it easier to grip them and helps in lifting them even if your hands become sweaty. The covering also saves your floors from dents in case the dumbbell falls on the floor. This dumbbell comes in a weight range from one to twenty pounds.
Price Rs 1,676
3) Bowflex Selecttech 560 dumbbell in Nepal
You save your time and space by purchasing the adjustable dumbbells such as this one. This dumbbell can adjust from five to sixty pounds easily with just a turn of the handle.
Price: Rs 54,657
04) Rubber Dumbbells in Nepal price start from Rs 500

It is clear that you can select Best dumbbells in Nepal to buy online after compare price and reviews as per needs. There are many dumbbell shop in Nepal to buy new & second hand dumbbells in Nepal.

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