Best alternatives of Google Adsense for Nepali publisher to make money

High paying best Google adsense alternatives for Nepali to make money online

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Best alternatives of Google Adsense for Nepali publisher to make money

There are a lot of people in Nepal making money from Google Adsense. It is a good way to earn if you can write good articles and have a website with good traffic. But, of course, everyone doesn’t get approved for Google Adsense. But that is not the end of the road for people who can write good content.
In case you are looking for some other source to earn from your website, then there are many other sources. Let us see some of the best alternatives to Google Adsense for Nepali to earn money online from Nepal.

01: Infolinks
This is one of the best alternatives for Google Adsense that is available in Nepal. You don’t have too many conditions to get approved. A few good articles and pages like About Us and Privacy are enough to get approved. The ads that will be published will be related to your article.
Infolinks pays on PPV bases or pays per view basis. Only ads which are viewed by the audience will be paid for. This is a good alternative for Google Adsense for Nepali publisher to earn online. There are no traffic requirements.

02: Chitika
This is yet another good Google Adsense alternative for Nepalis. This site is fully legit. They are a banner-based ad agency. Their criteria for placing the ads is also different. They place the ads based on the keyword which was used to land at your website.
They look for good articles in English. It is better if they are SEO posts. They are more interested in traffic from US, UK,and other developed countries. So, your content should be aimed at people from these countries. There are no regulations on traffic.

03: Propeller Ads
This is another one of the good alternatives of Google Adsense for Nepali publisher. They post all kinds of ads including banner ads. Their payment is based on impressions made on the ads or CPM basis. It would be wise to get all your blog traffic monetized.
They will approve websites or blogs in English. They expect traffic from the US, UK and Australia. So, you should write your blogs focusing on people from these countries. There are no specific requirements on traffic.

04: Bidvertiser
It is very good networks provide the best ppc program very similar to Google adsense. It is one of the best alternative of Google adsense in Nepal.

05: operated by the yahoo and Bing. This site also provide ads similar to the adsense its threshold payment amount is 100, wire transfer and paypal payment available on this network.

There are many other alternatives to Google Adsense you can use to earn money online. The only thing is that you should have good content aimed at people from US, UK or other developed countries. Only these will attract attention from any of these ad agencies.
I think given information about the best alternatives of Google adsense for Nepali publisher helps you to earn throw different ads networks.

Check and use the top 5 adsense alternatives for Nepali publisher.