Beautiful Nepali women are honest for friendship with women in Nepal

Free dating, human rights, socioeconomic & political status of women in Nepal

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Beautiful Nepali women are honest for friendship with women in Nepal

Well, frankly most of Nepali women are generally beautiful. But then beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. But in a sense, they are attractive. At the first sight, you will like them. But there are many other characteristics to a Nepali woman that can make you like her.

What are Nepali women like “Women in Nepal”

Nepali women are in most cases very independent and can adapt to any situation. Position of Nepali Women in city area better then remote villages. Most of the women’s who live in city area are literate but the situation of women’s really very terrible. Lack of the quality education still they are facing discrimination and violence in every step.
As the woman of the house is expected to do all the domestic work, the Nepali women take care of the family very well. They are very good at cooking and doing other domestic work. This makes them very versatile person, who can handle both domestic work and professional work easily.

Participation of women in Nepal

Nepali women are also intelligent and hard-working as you can see them in many of the good universities across the world. Many of the beautiful Nepali women whom you see abroad are highly educated, have a good knowledge of many things like politics, world affairs and sports. They have their own opinions but are open to other’s opinions and perspective. Most women in Nepal are very patriotic.
Nepal possibly is the only nation in the world which has a living Goddess called Kumari. Women of Nepal are normally religious and have faith in God. They enjoy folk music and dancing. Due to the influence of India which is a neighbor, they are also interested in Indian movie serial, films and music.

Friendliness: women’s status in Nepal

Nepali women who are bred in the cities are very friendly to everyone. Those who live abroad don’t shy away from being friendly with men. However, in the villages, their position is still below that of men and this makes them shy of mingling freely with men from other nations or even other villages. Nepali women outside Nepal are generally open to dating. They maintain a friendly relationship with men.

As with women of most of the developing nations, how free they are with people, especially men, of other nations will depend on where the woman was brought up. There is a lot of difference between those brought up in cities or other countries and those brought up in the villages. I think this Scholarly articles for women in Nepal help to write Essay on on present condition of women in Nepal in Nepali society.
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