All Nepal facts information including interesting facts about Nepal

Top amazing facts about Nepal's history with Nepal facts and figures

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All Nepal facts information including interesting facts about Nepal

General information about Nepal
Nepal is the mountainous nation that houses the tallest peak in the world, The Mount Everest. Nepal is mainly spread over the Himalayas and a small part in the Indo-Gangetic Plain. Official known as the Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal, this country is a travelers’ paradise. The nation borders India and China while being close to Bangladesh and Bhutan separated only by India for a short distance.

History of Nepal
Nepal is an ancient nation finding mention in the Vedas and Upanishads. It has a rich culture and tradition. Nepal had become a democracy in 1951, but however, the next few years were years of struggle for the nation. The nation continued to have violent protests and civil wars between the various parties trying to gain power. Nepal has adopted a new constitution on 20th September 2015. You can read the constitution of Nepal in this link.

These are important facts on Nepal

The Trekkers’ Paradise
When we talk about facts about Nepal the first thing to mention is the huge opportunity the nation has for tourists, especially the serious trekkers, most of whom have reaching Mount Everest as their life ambition. It is really amazing place to go for trekking in Nepal or tourism in NepalAll Nepal facts information including interesting facts about Nepal

Interesting facts about Nepal’s history & religion
Nepal is the only country that officially calls itself a Hindu nation, though the population of Hindus is very less compared to India. Hinduism and Buddhism exist side by side and are intermingled in many places. Nepal has the only Jyotirlinga Temple outside of India.

Nepal also hosts one of the 108 holy places of the Vaishnavite sect. This is the only country having living goddesses “Kumari in Nepal”. It is also the birthplace of Gautama Buddha, the founder of Buddhism. The nation has never seen any religious riots.

Few top amazing facts about Nepal
Nepal has more than 80 ethnic groups. The small nation has 123 languages. The official language, Nepali, is derived from Sanskrit. Nepal has the highest density of world heritage sites. You have seven world heritage sites in Kathmandu within 15 km radius.

Amazing fun facts about Nepal
If you look at the fun facts about Nepal, one fact that is most surprising is that Nepal doesn’t have an Independence Day. The nation was never conquered or colonized by anyone despite most nations surrounding it being colonized by the British.

When anyone talks about Nepal we have to talk about one of the most dangerous airports in the world. The Lukla airport is very dangerous and only pilots who are well-experienced, fly planes to this airport. This airport is the gateway to the trek to Everest base camp which is one the most famous treks in the world.

I think at the end of this article you may clear on all Nepal facts information including interesting facts about Nepal. If you wants to now even more general information about Nepal facts and figures visit Wikipedia. Nepal is an Himalayan nation better to know Where are the Himalayas located on the world map & how were they formed also may useful for you.