All information on Nepal flag facts about national flag of Nepal

Interesting Nepal flag facts to know about flag of Nepal

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All information on Nepal flag facts about national flag of Nepal

Flag of Nepal represent the national pride of Nepalese, it bind all the citizens together. Nepal flag is the recognition of a Nation. Unique figure of Nepal flag has its own size & shape with two overlapping right triangles. Smaller upper triangle has white moon and larger lower triangle displays white sun in the middle of crimson red background with blue border.
Main interesting facts about national flag of Nepal is that Nepal flag is only non-quadrilateral national flag in the world. Know about the National flag of Nepal and its meaning or what does flag of Nepal represent. Nepal’s national flag is unique in this world. Nepal flag meaning & characteristics of national flag of Nepal
What is the meaning of the flag of Nepal
Nepal flag meaning & characteristics of national flag of Nepal may helpful for you to write an essay on national flag of Nepal in English or Nepali.
# Two rectangular pennons
Threes are two right triangles are overlapping each other in Nepal’s national flag. Actually the triangles symbolize the great Himalaya Mountains. Both the pennons are of red color but the figures are of white color.

#Red background color
Red setting color of Nepal flags represent the bravery, power and victory. Beside that the red color of national flag Nepal represents the crimson (Simrik in Nepali) which is the national color of Nepal & rhododendron which is the national flower of Nepal.
#Blue color border
Blue color border of Nepal flag represents the harmony and peace.
#Moon in upper triangular shape
The upper pennon is smaller. It contains a figure of moon with 8 rays. Below the 8 rays, a crescent is seen. The moon represents the cool weather in the Himalaya regions and calm nature of the Nepalese people.
#Sun in lower triangular shape
The lower pennon contains a figure of sun with 12 rays. The sun represents the higher temperature and heat in the lower regions of Nepal.

“The Sun and moon (Chandra ra Surya) in Nepal flag represent that Nepal will exist in the world as long as sun and moon will exist in the sky”.

#The flag of Nepal has been defined in the article 8:1of the Constitution on Nepal 2072.
#The method to draw the national flag of Nepal has also been prescribed in the article 8:2 of the Constitution of Nepal 2072. Nepal flag emoji & interesting facts about national flag of Nepal
Who made the national flag of Nepal 
If you wants to know All information & facts about national flag Nepal go through the history of national flag of Nepal & the designer of national flag of Nepal.
In the old times, Nepal was divided into many small states. Prithvi Narayan Shah unified these small states into 1 state Nepal. When Nepal emerged as one country, a national flag was adopted.
The 2 pennants of the flag were connected in the last century but Nepal flag was not adopted as official flag of Nepal until 1962. A new constitutional government was formed in 16, December, 1962. At this time, Nepal flag was adopted.
All Nepalese respect the national flag as a symbol of pride and keep it preserved. Mainly Nepal flag is flown on the government buildings, national army/military headquarters, national court, embassy and on other important buildings.
Now sun and moon represent the extreme weather conditions in lower and upper regions of Nepal. I thing given Description about flag of Nepal helps you to know about all Interesting facts about national flag Nepal. Nepal flag is an attractive, triangular flag that represents Nepal.

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