All facts about Kumari the living goddess of Kathmandu Nepal

Information with photos of Royal Kumari of Kathmandu the living goddesses of Nepal

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All facts about “Kumari” the living goddess of Kathmandu Nepal

All about tradition of worshipping Kumari Devi in Nepal
The following information make you clear about Kumari the living goddess of Kathmandu Nepal. All facts about Kumari the living goddess of Kathmandu NepalKumari or Kumari Devi is a title given to the girl selected as the living goddess in Nepal. Kumari basically means a virgin girl. The tradition of selecting a living goddess comes from the belief that the Goddess Taleju lives in all living and non-living entities.
The Kumari is revered as the living entity in which she resides. There are several Kumaris in many regions of Nepal. The most important and most revered is the Royal Kumari of Kathmandu who resides in the Kumari Ghar which is a palace in the center of the city.
History of Kumari the living and virgin goddess of Nepal
The tradition of elevating a virgin girl to the position of Kumari began in the 17th Century. But the tradition of worshipping virgin girls seems to have existed for more than 2300 years. There are many legends about how the tradition started. The most circulated and believed one is about how the last king of Malla dynasty Jayaprakash Malla used to play dice with Goddess Taleju ever night secretly in his chamber. When his wife found out about this and saw the Goddess, the goddess became angry at the secret having been exposed.

She informed that she will appear in the form of a young virgin girl. She informed that she will be born in the Newari or Shakya community of Ratnavalli. That is how the tradition of elevating a virgin girl as Kumari began. Kumari is a pre-pubescent girl selected from the Shakya caste or Bajracharya clan of the Nepalese Newari community.
How is a Kumari Chosen?
There are many conditions that should be fulfilled including physical features. There are 32 features among which are thighs like a deer, voice like a duck, neck like the conch, body like a banyan tree, Chest like a lion and eyes like cows. Her horoscope is also checked. The final test is on the Kalratri or black night when 108 buffaloes and goats are sacrificed to Goddess Kali.
The little girl is taken to a courtyard where the severed heads lie, lighted by candles. The girl should not show any fear. The incumbent Kumari of Nepal relinquishes her throne when she attains puberty.

Can a Kumari Marry?
A Kumari who has relinquished her title can definitely marry. However, there are some beliefs that the husband will die in an accident. But, several of the living goddesses of Nepal have married and live happily with their husbands.

Name list of Royal Kumaris living goddess of Kathmandu Nepal

01: Hira Maiya Shakya
02: Chini Shova Shakya
03: Chandra Devi Shakya
04: Dil Kumari Shakya
05: Nani Shova Shakya
06: Kayo Mayju Shakya
07: Harsha Lakshmi Shakya
08: Nani Mayju Shakya
09: Sunina Shakya
10: Anita Shakya
11: Rashmila Shakya
12: Amita Shakya
13: Preeti Shakya
14: Matina Shakya
15: Trishna Shakya

The Kumari Jatra in Nepal
The Kumari Jatra is the day the Kumari is taken on a procession on three days. The procession was started by King Guna kamadeva to commemorate the founding of Kathmandu city. This year the procession will fall between September 21st and 29th.
I think at the end of this post helps you to know history of kumari living goddess of Kathmandu. you can watch kumari living goddess documentary and read the living goddess book to no more than this information.

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