All about top dj of Nepal salary and career as a disc jockey in Nepal

The best academy for dj course in Nepal with dj equipment price in Nepal

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All about top dj of Nepal salary and career as a disc jockey in Nepal

Event planning services with djs in Kathmandu, Nepal
New generation of Nepal are seeking unlimited entertainment with music masti with disc jockey in Nepal. They are searching a lot of information to find the best dj in Nepal, best night club and bar to experience the nightlife either in Kathmandu or Pokhara. This post dedicated to tell you something about top dj of Nepal. DJ, as all of you know is the short-form of Disc Jockey. The profession has evolved much over the years. The yesteryear DJs claim that the job of the present DJs is much easier with modern digital DH mixers. However, DJs certainly have the special ability to gauge the mood of the audience and play music accordingly.

The basic job of a disc jockey is to play the music the audience love. They normally mix the tracks from two sources using a DJ mixer to present a remix which will be exciting to the audience. Many DJs get the remix done at home and play at the function. Some DJs are highly skilled and experienced to do the mixing using the mixers at the venue itself. The top DJ of Nepal would be using the best equipment and his skills of mixing music.

History of DJ ” who was the first dj in the world”
It was in 1935 that radio commentator Walter Winchell coined the term disc jockey. This term was used for the people who played the discs in a radio station. They played the discs, as records were known then, and jockeying meant one who operates the player. The first live DJ party was launched by DJ Jimmy Savile in 1943. In 1947 he was the first to use two turntables to play music continuously. The profession has evolved with newer technologies being launched.

Best dj academy in Nepal provides dj course in Nepal
01: Wave dj academy Kathmandu
02: Spark dj academy, Kathmandu

DJ Equipment & dj equipment price in Nepal
The earlier DJ equipment had two turntables and a disc jockey mixer. Currently, DJs in Nepal are using more sophisticated devices. The present equipment includes two audio players which can be a computer, mobile or any audio player. Then there is a mixer to properly mix and play the music from two sources. Nowadays there is a lot of software involved in the mixing. The new digital equipment allows better control of the mixing.
A DJ will also need a pair of headphones and powerful speakers. Different DJs use different equipment. They vary with regard to sophistication and the control they offer the DJ. Let’s check how much do most nightclub dj’s get paid in Nepal.

01: DJ mixer price in Nepal start from Rs 1,70,000
02: Salary of dj jobs in Nepal start from Rs. 15,000 to Rs 1,50,000‎

Top 10 DJs in Nepal (list coming soon)
It takes a lot of training and a good knowledge of the latest music tracks to become a DJ. Today a DJ is used at many places including weddings. So, a DJ has to sense the mood and play the right music. DJ salary in Nepal varies depending on how good and popular the DJ is. The best DJ in Nepal will be in high demand in many places where there are parties or other functions. The DJ is the heart and soul of any part. I think after reading this pot you are clear about top dj of Nepal. Equipment’s of DJ as well as the dj salary in Nepal with best place to get the dj course in Nepal.

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