All about Nepal tourism industries facts for tourism in Nepal

Nepal tourism development history and possibility with importance of tourism in Nepal

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All about Nepal tourism industries facts for tourism in Nepal

Introduction of tourism in Nepal
All right, I’m going to try to give you some idea about Nepal tourism industry and the activities for tourism in Nepal. Nepal is a naturally beautiful country, it draw an attention of many tourist all over the world, All about Nepal tourism industries facts for tourism in Nepalwhich helps for development of tourism in Nepal. Nepal is the best travel destination for those adventure seekers who are interested in dare, thrill, and memorable experiences. If you are interested in doing something different, it is always possible in Nepal.
Many regions of Himalayas are still untouched. You can plan an adventure-filled trip to the Himalayas and discover such hidden zones. You can do many interesting activities such as trekking, mountaineering, rock climbing, rafting, kayaking, canyoning, paragliding, jungle safari, sightseeing, bird watching, photography, Elephant Polo, and many more for tourism in Nepal.

Importance of tourism in Nepal

Tourism means a collection of some industries, activities and services that can offer a travel experience that includes accommodations, transportation, eating and drinking establishments, entertainment businesses, retail shops, activity facilities, and many other hospitality services offered for individuals and groups travelling away from their homes.
Tourism in Nepal is a mainstay in the economy of Nepal. It plays a major role in reviving Nepal tourism sector and many other sectors. Tourism has been flourishing in Nepal for decades and it also led to the development of various other sectors. So, tourism is important for the overall growth and advancement of Nepalese and Nepal.

Advantages of tourism in Nepal

Nepal tourism offers many benefits to the people who live on trekking activities. The foreign tourists, who walk through the various trekking trails in Nepal, spend at least one or two nights at various locations. So, they have to spend money for accommodation and food.Nepal tourism development history and possibility with importance of tourism in Nepal So, poor locals can earn money and look after their families and pay school fees for their kids. These are the benefits of tourism to local community in Nepal.

Most popular Nepal tourism packages

Everest base camp trek            Everest view trek
Annapurna circuit trek             Annapurna base camp trek
Poon hill trek                             Upper mustang trek
Nepal tour

Contribution of Nepal tourism in Economy and statistics

Because of the presence of majestic Himalayas, Nepal catches the attention of foreigners. Every year, thousands of foreign tourists visit Nepal to spend their holidays. Tourism Nepal is the largest source of income from foreign countries. Nepal is quite dependent on foreign currency for country’s annual budget and advancement.
More than 7.5 percent of country’s GDP rely on tourism. Annual Economic Impact Research Report suggests that tourism will account for nearly 8.3 percent of country’s total GDP in 2027. So, for country’s economic growth, tourism plays a big role. Tourism is the main source of foreign currency and large amounts of money that is used for Nepal’s infrastructure development and overall progress.

Challenges and possibility of tourism in Nepal

There are many challenges and opportunities in the sector of tourism in Nepal. Tourism Nepal can become one of the main ways to improve the social and economic condition of Nepalese people. Just tourism is not enough. There is a need of well-managed, responsible tourism Nepal. It will increase job opportunities for Nepalese and revenues for the Nepal Government.

Prospects of tourism in Nepal

In fact it is very difficult to predict the possibility of tourism industry in Nepal. Natural, geographic and cultural diversity shows lots of possibilities in Nepal to promote different types of tourism in Nepal. At this stage tourism industry of Nepal depend on adventure tourism mainly. In the middle of many problems tourism industry of Nepal improving the quality and expand the prospects as per the interest of visitors.

Conclusion of tourism in Nepal

Trekking, hiking, mountaineering, jungle safari, rafting and tours are popular tourism activities in Nepal. Most popular travel destinations are Kathmandu, Pokhara, Chitwan, Lumbini, Everest region and Annapurna region of Nepal. Department of Tourism Government of Nepal ruling, Co-ordination, promoting and safekeeping of tourism activities in Nepal. Nepal Tourism Board established in 1998 as a national tourism organization to promote and develop the market of tourism of Nepal.

This article about Nepal tourism helps to know the possibility, importance, development, history, statistics and prospects of tourism industry in Nepal. It is useful for students to write thesis or an essay on tourism in Nepal. If you need even more information consult Nepal tourism board or development of tourism in Nepal. Find information on Top 10 tourist attractions in Nepal with best things to see in Nepal before heading to Nepal for tourism.

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