All about Kaiser cafe Garden of Dreams in Kathmandu Nepal

The Garden of dreams Kathmandu restaurant location, ticket price & opening time

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All about Kaiser cafe Garden of Dreams in Kathmandu Nepal

The Garden of dreams in Nepal
The garden of dreams is a historical place in Nepal which is attracted by all the people whether they are tourists or local people and is situated in the middle of the city of Kathmandu. The park opens every day throughout the week at 9 A.M and closes at 10 P.M. The entrance fee of the park is Rs. 100 for a Nepali person and Rs. 200 for a foreigner but the park offers 25% discount to the people who purchase ten tickets. In this article, we will discuss that why the Garden of Dreams in Kathmandu, Nepal is so popular among all the people.

History of the Garden of dreams Kathmandu

The Garden of Dreams was also known as the Garden of six seasons. It was built by the Field Marshal Kaiser Sumsher Rana during 1920. This garden was also considered to be one of the best gardens of that era.The Garden of dreams Kathmandu restaurant location, ticket price & opening time As this was the garden of a Field Marhsal therefore, it was designed Edwardian manner by a very handy architect Kishore Narshingh who is also the architect of Singha Durbar.
Facts of Garden of dreams in Nepal
Opening hours 9 AM to 10 PM
Ticket rate: NPR 100 for Nepali & NPR 200 for foreigners.
Seniors disable and children’s get 50% discount on given rate.
Annual Membership rate: NPR 2000 for Nepali & NPR 3000 for foreigners.
Corporate group more than 10 members get membership card in NPR 1500 for a year.

Why it’s so popular?

The garden is very beautiful from inside as fountains, pavilions, great furniture, and some European animated features are also included in this Garden. The Field Marshal also ordered to build six pavilions in the garden, and each of them represented each of the six seasons of Nepal. With the help of these pavilions, the garden of dreams in Kathmandu was made more beautiful as a lot of flowers, shrubs, and trees were also planted.All about Kaiser cafe Garden of Dreams in Kathmandu Nepal

Nowadays the garden is available in only half of its original form because when the Field Marshal died then the Government of Nepal took control of the garden and did not manage it for decades.

It took almost seven years to renovate the garden so that it could match with the exact original shape and a few newer facilities were also installed in the garden. The garden covers an area of 6895 sq. meters in Kathmandu city and it includes three pavilions, pergolas, central pounds and some smaller and larger gardens.

The garden was renovated by the Austrian Government in cooperation with the Government of Nepal. The renovation was headed by Eco Himal. Today, the Garden of Dreams is one of the most popular places in Nepal which is visited by a lot of tourists and local people. The garden also consists of a Library due to which many people come to the garden.
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