About rolwaling trekking in Nepal information to rolwaling trek Nepal

Rolwaling trekking itinerary, permit and route map of rolwaling trek and expedition

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About rolwaling trekking in Nepal information to rolwaling trek Nepal

Tips to go for Rolwaling trekking Nepal
Firstly i will share some information about rolwaling trek in Nepal. It may help you to plan upcoming rolwaling trekking in Nepal to discover the Himalaya. Rolwaling khumbu trek is considered to be one of the most difficult and challenging trekking routes in Nepal. But rolwaling short trek is not difficult trip, basic tea houses also available in route. The Rolwaling valley is referred to as “the Grave” due to its location and it being buried between ice-giants.

The region lies between Langtang range and the Everest range. There are many mysterious stories associated with the Rolwaling trekking route of Himalayas. It is believed that Yeti lived here. The Rolwaling trekking route has been explored by very few trekkers due to its demanding nature due to its covering the Nepal-Tibet mountains.
Getting the starting point of rolwaling himal trek
The Rolwaling trek begins from Dolakha, which can be reached from Kathmandu by an eight-hour drive.
Rolwaling trekking is a sub-range of the Himalayas and is located in the north-central Nepal. The highest mountain is the route is Melungtse at 7181 meters. Gauri Shankar at 7145 meters is the second highest mountain peak in the route.

The sunrise over Gauri Shankar is one of the highlights of the Rolwaling trekking when the crown of the mountain is covered in golden sunshine. The trekking route passes through huge mountains and the trekkers can also experience the natural beauty and culture of the region. The route also leads to the Tama Koshi river bank. The trekkers will get insights into the local lifestyle and culture while trekking in route.

Rolwaling region trekking in Nepal

01: Rolwaling valley trek
02: Panch Pokhari trek
03: Lapchi trek Nepal
04: Sailung trekking
05: Bhairav kunda trek
06: Tashi Lapcha pass trek
07: Kalinchowk trek

Difficulty level and tips
Rolwaling trekking is one of the most challenging and demanding trekking routes which Nepal has to offer. It is best recommended for experienced trekkers. The trekkers should prepare before starting the trek. They should do regular physical exercises and prepare their bodies for the demanding trek. Some trekkers can experience altitude sickness, so they need to take the trek easy and acclimatize first. Enough warm clothes are also needed as the temperature may fluctuate highly between night and day. It is also recommended that the trekkers get trekking insurance before embarking on the Rolwaling trekking in Himalayas.

Best time to trek in Rolwaling valley Nepal
The best time to trek on the Rolwaling trekking route is immediately before or after the monsoons. Generally, March to June or September to December is the best time to trek on this route. The best weather is experienced during September to November when most of the trekkers start trekking the route.

The Rolwaling trekking route is very challenging and takes the trekkers through some remote locations. The trek usually takes between 18 to 27 days and is physically demanding.
The trekkers can experience wide range of flora and fauna and can get insights into the local culture and lifestyle. If you need even more information about rolwaling trek Nepal consult local trekking agency in Kathmandu. Do not forget to keep rolwaling trekking map, gears and travel with guide for superior experience.

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