About Manaslu trekking route information to go for Manaslu trek Nepal

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About Manaslu trekking route information to go for Manaslu trek Nepal

Tips for Manaslu trek itinerary, map distance and distance
I would like to invite all to visit Manaslu trek area of Nepal to observe its untouched forms of nature and cultural exclusivity. This area also controlled by the government and requires special permit through agency to do Manaslu trekking in Nepal. Manaslu treks is considered as one of the best and also one of the remotest treks in Nepal. The trek takes one around Mansalu, the world’s eighth highest mountain peak with a height of 8163 meters.
It is a far less crowded trek than the other famous mountain treks in Nepal. Though the trek is remote, there are some basic tea houses so the trekkers do not have to bring tents with them. The trekkers will get to enjoy and experience the natural beauty of Nepal.

List of Manaslu trekking routes in Nepal

01: Manaslu circuit trek
02: Manaslu base camp trek
03: Ganesh Himal trek
04: Tsum valley trek
05: Lower Manaslu trek

Manaslu trekking route information
The Manaslu trek commences from Arughat Bazaar Gorkha which is about 7 hours drive from Kathmandu. The first part of the Manaslu trek trail follows the Budhi Gandaki, a deep and long river gorge which has many suspension bridge crossings. They will go through subtropical forests at lower elevations and then they will ascend higher to the high and demanding crossing of the Larkya La which is located at 5100 meters.
It should be noted that the Manaslu trek is within a restricted region of Nepal, so the trekkers will need trekking permits to trek in this region. Solo trekking is not allowed, a minimum group size of two is mandatory for trekking in this route.

Manaslu trek difficulty level
Manaslu trek is considered a difficult trekking route, with a minimum of 5-6 hours of walking daily in high altitude conditions. It is suggested that the trekkers should start preparing themselves at least 3 months before the trek. They can start with walking 12 kilometers daily and other forms of physical exercises. The trekkers need to have high willpower, positive attitude and good physical fitness to successfully complete the Manaslu trek Nepal.

Tips for trek in Manaslu region
Manaslu trekking route lies in a restricted area, so the trekkers have to avail the services of a local guide. Though the trek has gradual ascends, the trekkers should take precautions to avoid altitude sickness and carry Diamox with them. The accommodation is the region is quite basic with twin bed sharing rooms and attached toilets. The trekkers should also take an all-inclusive trekking insurance policy before starting the Manaslu treks.

Best time for trekking in Manaslu area
The best time to trek is during the spring months of March to May and during the autumn months of September to November. Trekking is not recommended either during summer or winter months on this route.

The Manaslu trek is a remote and challenging trekking route. The trek provides an opportunity to experience the natural beauty of Nepal and feel the remote villages and rural lifestyle of the country. It requires good physical fitness and willpower to successfully complete this trek. I think you are clear about Manaslu trek in Nepal. If you would like to book Manaslu trekking packages contact local adventure tour operator Nepal. They will help you to organize Manaslu trekking in Nepal.

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