About history of e-commerce in Nepal and scope of ecommerce in Nepal

Top 10 Ecommerce websites in Nepal to check current scenario of e commerce in Nepal

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About history of e-commerce in Nepal and scope of ecommerce in Nepal

What are the scope, challenges and future of e-commerce in Nepal
Here I am going to tell you something about ecommerce in Nepal. Its definition, history, scope, challenges including top 10 E-commerce websites in Nepal. Electronic commerce, also known as e-commerce is actually mean to trade online. Buyers and sellers actually meets via online web portal to sell and purchase. The main benefit drawn by both the parties is that the buyers do not need to go outside they just sit at home and find almost everything which they needs which basically overcome their cost while the sellers find huge number of the audience across the country. E-commerce in Nepal which just started to grow and we find only a few websites which are providing the services in the country.

History of e-commerce in Nepal
The history of e-commerce isn’t that much interesting in Nepal. Initially e-commerce was introduced in the country just for sending gifts to Nepal, which was mainly for the people of Nepal living outside the country. People outside the country were given an option to send gifts to their loved ones in Nepal. This just started the concept of e commerce in Nepal.
But still got no positive response from the people. Later on online stores were also developed but that were just virtual one having no products at the back end. The purpose of these virtual stores in Nepal was just to bring the awareness of e-commerce in the people. Now there are more than couple of dozen websites who are offering services in Nepal. Daraz is one of the top among them.

List of top 10 ecommerce websites in Nepal

01: Daraz Nepal
02: NepBay
03: Sasto Deal
04: Mero Shopping
05: Hamro Bazaar
06: Muncha
07: Metro Tarkari
08: Foodmandu
09: Dokoman
10: Shop in Nepal

Challenges of e-commerce in Nepal
The main challenge of e-commerce in Nepal is the awareness among the people, as they are not that much familiar with it. As said earlier this awareness was brought by different methods among the people but they are still afraid of buying something online. The main reason might be as they are unable to trust to pay for something which they didn’t actually seen and examined.

Another big reason behind this is the online payment system. Though online payment gateways are still under development process but later on they might get some security issues as well. Therefore people are not in the stage to trust on these online payment gateways. For sellers the big problem seems to be the delivery system due to the infrastructure and lake of courier services across the country.

Scope of ecommerce in Nepal
As soon as the time passes we will see the sudden boom in the e-commerce sector of Nepal. Currently having a market of more than 80 million dollars and is growing rapidly by the passage of time. With the improvements in internet sector and considering of the payment system improvements it will not be far away that people of Nepal will start giving it a touch.

Regulations are daily improved for the running of e-commerce sector. It seems that the future of e-commerce is very much clear and bright in Nepal. I think at the end of the post you are clear all about ecommerce in Nepal. if you need even more information on it search on internet. Above listed top 10 ecommerce websites in Nepal will help you to know more and cheap and best online shopping in Nepal after price and reviews comparison.

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